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Mr. Fish swims back to teaching and coaching at Costa

Nicolette Olson
Staff Writer

Costa is happy to have Robert Fish back. Returning this year from his leave of absence, Fish resumes his career as a long-time teacher of English and History and coach at Mira Costa.

In 2009 Fish contracted a disabling staph infection that resulted in a year-long absence from coaching and teaching.

“Over the last five to six years I have had approximately seven operations for staph infection, which in turn caused other health complications that basically caused me to take a leave of absence last year from teaching and coaching here at Mira Costa High School,” Fish said.

This year, Fish has fully enjoyed coaching, an activity that allows him to spend time teaching the kids the importance of perseverance, strength, and discipline.

“My return to Mira Costa has been fantastic; my health is better, and I can enjoy teaching with much more vigor. I’m very happy to be in the classroom as well. My students help me to stay young and vibrant,” Fish said.

Recently, Fish and his assistant coach, Roberto Calderon, finished coaching boys cross country for the fall season.

“One of my plans for this year is head coaching with Mr. Calderon for boys track. I think we will make a very good team this year. Also, I think that the kids are determined, hard-working, and ready,” Fish said.

Aside from coaching, Fish has an academic goal of making his students culturally aware and exposed to classic literature of the English language. He also wants his students to learn to love reading.

“Also another goal I’d like to achieve during the school year is to improve my student’s vocabulary; I don’t want my students using texting lingo during class. Although, my students lack of a vocabulary is appalling, the challenge to increase their vocabulary is appealing to me,” Fish said.

In past years Fish has had a consistent teaching schedule, but when Fish first started teaching at Mira Costa twenty-three years ago he taught various classes such as Math and Drama.

“Now I teach four classes. I only teach juniors and the classes consist of English 5-6 CP and U.S. History CP. I love teaching Junior English and History because they are my favorite subject; at Rutgers University, in New Jersey, I majored in History and minored in English,” Fish said.

Fish wants to emphasize his curriculum by putting more attention and focus on oral learning.

“I want to fit more Socratic Seminars into the second semester. I try to base my method of teaching on verbal learning, and during class I make sure that everyone is called on. I want to try to make participation a more important part of a student’s grade because I believe that teachers can find out as much information from oral as written answers,” Fish said.

Overall, Fish is happy to be back and hopes that he will make it through the year and enjoy every part he plays, whether it be a coach, teacher, or mentor.

“It has been really great working with Fish as assistant coach of boys cross country. I learned a lot from how he interacts with his students. Overall he’s a passionate, very funny, and witty guy,” Calderon said.

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