December 17, 2017

Black Scholars Union brings diversity to Costa

December 10, 2010 La Vista 0

Mira Costa has a wide variety of clubs ranging from Baby Help Club to the Library Club to Glee Club, and the list keeps growing. A new club called the Black Scholars Union has been introduced to Costa and stands out among the rest. […]

Mira Costa faculty members strike their way to the top of the Torrance and Friends Faculty Bowling League

December 10, 2010 La Vista 0

Mira Costa science teacher Karl Kurz is the self-proclaimed star of the Costa staff bowling team. Kurz, along with several other Costa teachers and employees, is on one of three Costa teams that play in the Torrance and Friends Faculty Bowling League. Faculty members from departments including math and science gather after school every Tuesday at Gable House Bowl in Torrance. […]

Costa competes in the Missouri journalism convention

November 5, 2010 La Vista 0

Eleven members of the broadcast journalism staff and one member of La Vista will head to Kansas City, Missouri to compete in journalism competitions in the Fall National High School Journalism Convention that will take place on Nov. 11. Competitions will be judged by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. […]

Calderon knows the biology of running

October 15, 2010 La Vista 0

Science teachers are sometimes stereotyped as braniacs, not star athletes. Mira Costa biology teacher Roberto Calderon, however, has proved this wrong by accepting the job as the assistant coach for the boys cross country team this year.

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