December 17, 2017

Students Recognized at All Awards Ceremony

By Max Rosenberg

Theme Editor

The Mira Costa All Awards Assembly commemorates a vast number of students for a wide range of academic, artistic, and athletic achievements, and was was held in the amphitheater on June 1.

The achievements included students’ success in specific classes, including awards for students who excelled in social studies, sciences, mathematics, and english. Also, students who held leadership positions within five different electives were recognized, including one student for each of the four foreign languages. In addition, Miriam Sachs was voted to be the student of the for 2015-2016 school year.

“We recognize excellence from many different programs around the campus, but this year, we added more opportunities for students to receive awards in the academic subjects,” Principal Dale said.

Almost eighty different students were awarded with a certificate recognizing their success, in addition to the eighty-six students from the Senior class who were awarded with Summa Cum Laude, and eighty-eight students from Junior class who received the Charlaine Deathrage Award. These two awards are given to kids who have achieved a 4.0 or above grade point average.

“The winners are selected in many different ways depending on the type of award that they are being considered for,” Dale said. “It is not uniform throughout the many different possible awards.”

Among the numerous possible achievements to be recognized for, eight students from learning center received awards for their success during their past four years at Mira Costa.

“I felt happy and honored that I won something from the school that I attend.” Senior Mia Friedman said. “I am very proud of the core classes I have taken, the friends I have made, and activities outside of school that I have improved at, such as horseback riding and playing the harp.”

At the end of the assembly, a video was played to honor the student of the year, Miriam Sachs, who was voted from a group of seven nominees. The video highlighted her numerous accomplishments since she was a young girl. Sachs is the Broadcast Journalism news director and will be attending the USC school of cinematic arts.

“I was surprised that I won because I felt like I was up there with so many intelligent and qualified people.” Sachs said. “It was an honor to be placed among such amazing students and world changers.”

Sachs has dedicated a significant amount of time recently on filmmaking. This year she created “A Student Named Art”, which was shown at the assembly, and a documentary about Vietnam called “There is Light”, which comes out June 2.

“I am proud that I figured out a way to do what I love,” Sachs said. “[I hope to] continue to understand the world through my art work and collaborate with my friends to create something that helps us relate to the world that we live in,” Sachs said.

In addition to the academic-focused awards, six students were chosen from each performing arts class. The classes include band, chorus, dance, drama, orchestra, and technical theater. Also five students were awarded from the Visual Arts classes, art, ceramics, photo, cinematic arts, and woodworking.

“I was happy to be recognized for my role in orchestra for the past four years, but I couldn’t have had the same experiences without all of the people I have rehearsed and practiced with,” Senior Zain Khalifeh said. “I am thankful for my fellow musicians, Mr. Park, and all of the parents, students, and community members who have supported us.”

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