January 16, 2018

Comedy Sportz wins first match against El Segundo 34-22

Comedy Sportz members perform improv at the match. Costa performed against El Segundo High School.

By Alex Whitman

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s Comedy Sportz team had its first match against El Segundo High School in the Costa small theater on Oct. 7.

The tryouts for Comedy Sportz took place on Sept. 20th and call backs were made the next day. Presidents of the club seniors Claire Layden and Cara Christen watched the students. The final roster was then created with approximately 30 kids on the roster.

“It was an awesome feeling to make the team,” freshman Comedy Sportz member Mary Clare Powell said, “Tryouts went well for me and clearly they saw the potential I have for the club.”

To attend a Comedy Sportz match, a ticket has to be purchased. Tickets are priced at just $5 as Comedy Sportz and funding goes towards administrative costs.

“The pricing is fair as Comedy Sportz is a show, so people who want to watch should have to pay a small fee,” Layden said.

The improv team practices twice a week for a total of 4 hours. Practices are held to help teach the team better function and scene structure. At the match, Comedy Sportz defeated El Segundo 34-22 in the clubs first match of the school year.

“The amount of practices is a necessity to make sure the team members have all the proper techniques needed and build proper scene structure to make sure we are the best we can be,” Christian said.

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