December 18, 2017

Daily moments hold lasting importance

By Delaney Whittet


My grandma’s house sits on a shady corner in Santa Monica. Behind the brown shutters and up the carpeted staircase lies a stack of newspapers dating from 1944 to 1969.

The newspapers are frail and yellowed around the edges, but the headlines have remained untouched by time. They stretch across the pages with bold, clear phrases including “Victory in Europe” and “Men walk on moon,” immortalizing the great moments of human history.

These articles are timeless, detailing the earth-shattering events that we study in our history classes; however, at one time, they were yesterday’s events. They were daily moments, printed on the pages of newspapers, not textbooks, and delivered to each doorstep.

There is a point when news becomes history. Everyday moments transition from current events to mere remnants of the past. In their passing, they become our greatest teachers, as it is the past that dictates the successes and failures of the present.

Each day is another opportunity to take part in the moments that will make history. The world is constantly changing, posing new challenges and, consequently, paving the way for new precedents.

The protests, rallies, triumphs and catastrophes of today will make up the paragraphs found in future textbooks, and as members of the present, we have the obligation to remain active, take stances and recognize the impact that our daily actions have on the realities of tomorrow.

It is our duty to take part in the events that will fill our newspapers, creating headlines that will echo long after we are around to hear them.

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