December 17, 2017

New York City’s Lincoln Square IMAX cinema offers the ultimate movie-going experience

The AMC Loews Lincoln Square theatre as seen from its front entrance on Broadway street. The theatre has been a staplepoint on this New York City street for several decades. Photo courtesy of Cinema Treasures.

By Corey Vikser

Executive Online Editor


New York City’s Lincoln Square IMAX cinema provides filmgoers an experience that is irreplaceable, with massive scale and impressive comfort.

Containing the largest screen in America, AMC’s Lincoln Center IMAX theatre provides audiences with a revolutionary viewing experience, as the 6-story high screen bewonders audiences without alienating them.

Formerly screening ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and currently exhibiting ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the Lincoln Square IMAX theater screens new IMAX releases from major studios.

Exhibited in IMAX 3D, the Lincoln Center IMAX theatre in New York City is one of the few remaining 70mm IMAX screens remaining in America. 70mm film is double the size of traditional 35mm, and as a result the film can be projected on a screen several stories high. Featuring the largest IMAX screen in the country, and second-largest in the world, Lincoln Square is an ideal venue for large scale cinema.

Photos: AMC’s Lincoln Square IMAX center provides a viewing experience truly grand.

Lincoln Square’s IMAX screen is the ultimate film-viewing experience, as the massive screen perfectly captures the scale of massive action sequences. Prior to the film’s showing, Warner Brothers presented a 7-minute preview for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film ‘Dunkirk,’ filling the entire screen with engaging IMAX footage, captivating audiences.

Warner Brothers’ ‘Dunkirk’ preview is an incredible experience, as the footage consumes the screen, filling viewer’s eyes both centrally and peripherally. Filling the 6 story screen, the sequence is unlike any other film-viewing experience, and provides audiences with the most immersive experience of all time.

The screen is supplemented by an extensive sound system, which blasts surround sound quality throughout the auditorium without ever reaching uncomfortable levels, an issue that Los Angeles theatres such as the TCL Chinese have faced. Notably, the bass levels in the theatre were powerful enough to rumble the auditorium without drowning out the rest of films’ sound as well.

AMC’s official website for their Lincoln Square location. Tickets can be purchased here.

Lastly, the gridding of the auditorium is done impressively, as no matter where one sits the screen is perfectly visible. The back seats give audiences members a full panoramic view of the screen, but the middle seats provide a more immersive experience at the expense of peripheral view of the sides, creating an effortless experience for viewers

A detailed explanation of the difference between laser and film IMAX projection.

The Lincoln Square IMAX theatre is a must see experience, as the massive screen, powerful sound and comfortable auditorium nearly guarantee a satisfying film going experience.

AMC Lincoln Square IMAX is located on 67th Street & Broadway in New York City, New York.

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