January 16, 2018

Sophomore Sullivan Case makes profit from “Supreme”

Sophomore Sullivan Case resells Suporeme clothing in order to make a profit. Case has sold clothing for up to $3,500. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan Case)

By Elena Coe Mcnamara

Features Editor

Mira Costa sophomore Sullivan Case has been making a “Supreme” profit for the past year and a half.

Case purchases clothing from the popular brand, Supreme, when they have drops. Because the brand is hard to attain, he is then able to resell the clothing for more money than he originally spent on it.

Photos: Sullivan Case makes profit from “Supreme”

“I started doing Supreme reselling because I just really wanted a way to make money,” Case said.

Case began reselling Supreme clothing when he realized he would be able to make a major profit from not doing an extreme amount of work. Case uses reselling as a way to profit involving spending time around things that he enjoys.

“The most expensive piece I have sold was a t-shirt,” Case said. “It sold for around $3,500.”

 The brand’s website is often sold out of the desired clothing pieces.

Case advertises his clothing on business Instagram, @premedaddy. On this Instagram, Case posts pictures of each of the pieces he has bought or found that he is reselling.

“It definitely happens where I find a piece and I just want to keep it,” Case said. “I sometimes do but I also sell them a lot.”

See it for yourself: Check out Mira Costa Sophomore Sullivan Case’s Supreme reselling Instagram.

The amount Case makes for each individual piece depends on what the item is and it’s value. Case has sold a $100 item as well as items as expensive as $3,500. Case makes a profit off of all of the clothing he sells.

“The price of each thing really depends,” Case said. “Sometimes it’s cheap because it’s an easy to find shirt and sometimes things are more expensive because they’re more rare.”



Case says that what makes the Supreme brand so popular is that it is rare and hard to find. The Supreme brand encompasses the “hypebeast” culture that is popular in major cities across the world today.

“Supreme is a really cool brand because it’s rare so you know that other people aren’t going to be wearing the same things as you,” Case said.


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