January 16, 2018

Teachers nominate five seniors for Student of the Year

Senior Derek Zeoli won the Student of the Year award at the All Award assembly in 2015. The nominees this year are seniors Michai Clinton, Audrey Phan, Emily Chase, Tooba Wasi and Kevin Pinkerton.

By Kyra Williams

Staff Writer

Costa teachers nominated seniors Michai Clinton, Audrey Phan, Emily Chase, Tooba Wasi and Kevin Pinkerton as the the 2017 Student of the Year nominees.

Teachers worked together to pick out students from the top 10 percent of the senior class based on their grade point average. The list of those students was sent out to all teachers, who selected three students who they thought best shined in academics, citizenship and extracurricular activities. The top five students with the most votes then became the Student of the Year nominees.

“Being nominated for Student of the Year is a great honor,” Pinkerton said. “It felt great to be recognized for all of the time and effort I put into school and sports.”

Nominees are involved in countless school and other co-curricular activities. Pinkerton plays indoor and beach volleyball, has participated in Costa’s Model United Nations throughout his high school career, and has also volunteered for the Special Olympics. Chase participates in orchestra, marching band, choir, and other school related clubs.

“I was really surprised about being nominated for student of the year because there are so many other incredible students that were considered as well,” Chase said. “I was so honored and it feels good to put so much work into all of my activities. Even though I don’t do it for the recognition, it felt really to get that validation from the school.”

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