January 16, 2018

Los Angeles artist Shane Guffogg’s “TIME4ART” exhibit showcases a modern take on the abstract style

TIME4ART and Shane Guffogg team up with the Manhattan Beach Art Center to present "A Dance of Thought," an introspective, diverse exhibit. "Amor Fati #6" is a radiant oil painting made on canvas that showcases Guffogg's ability to shade abstract pieces with immense precision. Photo courtesy of the Easy Reader News.

By Kaelie Macaulay

Staff Writer


Los Angeles based artist, Shane Guffogg collaborates with “TIME4ART” to display an assortment of his finest pieces that successfully explores time, light and space. With attention drawn to the dance between chaos and order, Guffogg showcases a vivid, modernized take on a classic, abstract style.

With precision and a simple brushstroke, Shane Guffogg captures the relationship between pandemonium and structure in his perplexing oil paintings. Alongside his paintings, his sleek, chiseled figurines offer an insight to the evolving trends of modern art by presenting an original shape.

The newest exhibit displayed at the MB Art Center, “Dance of Thought,” features the work of Shane Guffogg, a painter of lyrical abstraction. Guffogg was inspired by his time spent as a studio assistant to Ed Ruscha, and artist associated with the pop art movement, who encouraged him to find his vision.

Photos: Debuting on April 12, TIME4ART assembles an introspective exhibit to showcase the work of Shane Guffogg at the Manhattan Beach Art Center. With a wide range of art mediums, “Dance of Thought” is a diverse, bold exhibit that portrays the behavior of light.

“Dance of Thought” was assembled by “TIME4ART,” a non-profit foundation facilitated by Homeira Goldstein, an avid art collector. The primary goal of “TIME4ART” is to unite artists and showcase their work in the greater Los Angeles area.

Guffogg features an array of thinly-lined, kaleidoscope-like oil paintings that showcase the monotonous relationship between control and disarray. Guffogg skillfully captures a symmetrical pattern amongst a turbulent design, impressing viewers with his graphic style.

Erupting with waves of vibrant colors, “Dance of Thought” showcases a wide variety of color palettes and a dynamic composition. Each piece demands attention with their multi-dimensional design. Intricate splashes of vibrant pigments highlight Guffogg’s talent and ability to incorporate unique hues into one piece.

Opening on April 12, Shane Guffogg and the TIME4ART team up with the Manhattan Beach Art Center to present “Dance of Thought,” an entertaining exhibit that depicts the dance between chaos and order. With themes of light, space and time, the bold color palettes impress and marvel with their abstract style. Video by Kaelie Macaulay.

Even though Guffogg illustrates winding, swirling lines, he successfully includes intricate shading that accentuates a multi-dimensional point of view in his abstract pieces. Guffogg’s meticulous shading accents and introduces a three-dimensional element to his paintings.

Strewn amongst the canvases were lustrous, slick, elegant sculptures that highlight Guffogg’s versatility as an artist. The smooth, abstract sculptures are made out of Murano glass, sanded and mirror coated to portray a whimsical form.

The inclusion of two contrasting artistic mediums, paintings and sculptures that illustrate and emphasizes the varied genres of modern art. Ranging from sculptures to oil paintings, “A Dance of Thought” offers the public an opportunity to observe the changing style of contemporary art by presenting a radiant, modern abstract exhibit.

“TIME4ART” and Shane Guffogg assembled a diverse, compelling exhibit that intertwines bold color palettes and multidimensional perspectives to portray the behaviors of light, space and time to convey the relationship between chaos and order.

“Dance of Thought” is available for viewing for free at the Manhattan Beach Art Center located at 1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd until June 11.

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