February 18, 2018

Students, community memorialize Sandro McIlroy

Hundreds gathered on April 17 to paddle out to the Manhattan Beach pier in honor of Sandro Mcilroy. Students organized the event to honor Sandro's memory.

By Kayla Samimi

Executive News Editor

Claire Gunning

Opinion Editor

A group of students organized a paddle-out to the Manhattan Beach pier on April 17 to honor the memory of late sophomore Sandro McIlroy.

Since Sandro passed away in a skateboarding accident in the Palos Verdes area on April 7, family, loved ones, friends and members of the community have celebrated Sandro’s life, culminating in this student-organized paddle-out.

“[The paddle-out] was an amazing event,” Sandro’s mother, April McIlroy, said. “We were really moved and touched by the number of  people who came out to support Sandro and the incredible amount of love and support from the community.”

Several students shared their memories of Sandro before the paddle-out. Over 100 community members and students attended the event.

“I was impressed by [Sandro’s] friends’ abilities to put something together and get so many people to come out,” Costa Principal Dr. Ben Dale said. “I thought the event was more about supporting each other in such a tragic time, because we are all a family.”

Photos: Friends of Sandro Mcilroy organize a paddle out in his memory.

Sandro was a member of the Costa surf team, and according to surf team co-captain and senior Amelie Vergnolle, he was very enthusiastic about surfing and always full of positivity.

“Sandro seemed really stoked on surfing. Every time I saw him while surfing or around town he was always nice and and had something cool to say,” Surf Team Co-Captain and senior Cody Purcell said. “The surf team and community will always remember him.”

The McIlroys will be holding a service for Sandro tomorrow at Pennekamp Elementary School, which Sandro attended. The memorial begins at 10 a.m., and all are welcome to attend.

“Sandro was always smiling,” Vergnolle said. “I literally never heard him complain, and the positivity he brought to the surf team cannot be replaced.”

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