February 21, 2018

Logic’s “Everybody” destroys his image with pretentious verses and arrogance

Courtesy of Mind of Logic.

By Connor Kropschot

Staff Writer


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Logic’s third studio album, “Everybody,”  ruins the image that he has worked hard to build, with pretentious verses, constant boasting, and an overabundance of songs discussing anxiety.

“Everybody” is an album that is incomplete, boastful, and unfilling to his potential. Although one of Logic’s distinct and praised features is his ability to freestyle in verses, however on “Everybody”, this defining quality distracts from the overall flow of the album. “Everybody,” is Logic’s attempt to describe his surroundings, but instead focuses on his life struggles and meaning, resulting in subpar lyrics delivered over confidently.

Logic has had great success with albums in the past such as “Under Pressure” and “The Incredible True Story,” which both obtained gold certification. Some of his hit singles include “Alright”, “Nikki”, and “Flexecution.”Logic has worked with multiple record labels such as, Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group.

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“Everybody”, Logic’s newest album was released by Visionary Music Group and Def Jam Recordings. Logic decided to change things up with “Everybody,” and many of the songs were produced entirely by himself. The album contains features from Neil deGrasse Tyson, Khalid, Juicy J, and many other artists.

Logic kicks off the album on a high note with the track, “Hallelujah” that featues an upbeat tempo and Logic’s emotional view of the world. Logic praises God for the life he was given, the ability to make his passion into a career, and provides a deeper meaning to the song.

The track, “1-800-273-8255”  features lyrics with a deep meaning portraying thoughts of suicide and depression, followed by Logic explaining the highs and lows in life and praising to push through even the toughest of times. “1-800-273-8255” shows the sensitive side to Logic and exposes an unspoken and spiritual topic in modern hip-hop and rap.


 Later on in the album the song, “Anxiety” explained how he felt as if he was faded from the world, feeling panic, and thoughts that no one can relate to him. Logic explains the pain many people with anxiety suffer. Logic praises accepting the person you are, but the song runs on with complaints, and a conversational tone, rendering the track reptiitive and difficult to listen to for the viewer.

Although the album contains a deep and depressing theme, Logic is able to keep the album entirely upbeat and enjoyable. Logic raps with a tone of happiness and praise providing a happy listen for the darkest of topics.

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Another feature of “Everybody” is the complex production featuring upbeat drums and rapid hi-hats. Logic employs a distinct production style that he is praised for due to the unique tone compared to other rappers. The inclusion of these instrumentals adds an intriguing element that proves to make the album more enjoyable for the listener.

Logic’s third studio album, “Everybody” provides insight into life problems such as anxiety, racism, and insecurities, that the rapper has faced throughout his life. Although the album contains an aim to provide relatable situations, Logic uses it to brag and it comes off as a selfish and repetitive album.

“Everybody” was released on May 5th, and is available for streaming on services such as Apple Music and Spotify, and for purchase for $12.99 on iTunes.

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