February 18, 2018

Chris Burkard’s “Under An Arctic Sky” premiere impresses with an immersive look at both surfing and filmmaking

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By Ian Lockwood

Arts Editor

The premiere of “Under An Arctic Sky” provided film goers with an immersive look at the filmmaking process. The passion for surfing displayed throughout the film creates an unforgettable and intriguing documentary that impresses viewers through its collection of stunning visuals and a captivating story.

“Under An Arctic Sky” is a documentary that follows surf photographer Chris Burkard and his band of surfers as they go surfing through northern Iceland. The documentary seeks to display the adventurous side of surfing that is often forgotten.

The documentary was funded through an online kick starter page and is correctly being presented on a tour through the United States. The Los Angeles premiere was hosted at the Downtown Independent.

LINK: Check out the documentary’s website for more information on the premier tour.

The Downtown Independent offered an incredibly relaxing atmosphere that was perfect for the premiere of the film. The laid back ambience of the theatre made the venue soothing and suitable for the documentary’s subject matter.

“Under An Arctic Sky” presents personal stories and intimate interviews with the surfers and photographers featured throughout the documentary. Burkard’s unique way of capturing immediate reactions allows the viewer to gain insight to the incredible moments the crew experienced throughout the filmmaking process.

The documentary was coupled with a vivid soundtrack enhanced the charm of the film. The scenes of surfing along the Icelandic coast were brought to life by the soothing and pleasant music, making the film more entertaining for audiences.


Additionally, the cinematography within the film captivates viewers as it exposes beautiful and picturesque moments. Scenes depicting the enormous and open landscapes of Iceland immerse viewers into the film. The utmost stellar cinematography creates a connection between the viewer and the locations in the film, building an intimate viewing experience.

The greatest highlight of the was premiere was when Burkard had gave a presentation about his filmmaking process. The speech provided insight to the obstacles he faced while making the film, which led to the audience’s greater appreciation of the film as a whole.

PHOTOS: Check out photos from the film’s picturesque shots.

The premiere of “Under An Arctic Sky” was an extraordinary success due to the its composition of outstanding cinematography, insightful interviews, and a captivating atmosphere. The documentary was an incredible story that highlights the adventurous side of surfing.

LINK: For more information about Chris Burkard and his past works, check out his website.

“Under an Arctic Sky” was released on April 23, 2017 and is being screened nationwide, for more information and screenings check out the film’s website:

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