February 21, 2018

Two Guns Espresso impresses with its creative approach to coffee

Courtesy of Caffe Vita.

By Parnia Mazhar

Executive Opinion Editor

Two Guns Espresso produces a collection of New Zealand authenticity and flavor, a creative niche unseen in any other coffee shops within the South Bay.

Featuring a constant flow of customers, Two Guns Espresso is an appealing spot for all coffee-enthusiasts, with its quaint yet modern ambiance and a plethora of delicious and affordable New Zealand-inspired drinks and food.

Two Guns Espresso was founded by Andrew “Stan” Stanisich and Craig Oram who had the goal of introducing the South Bay to New Zealand coffee culture. The shop offers an assortment of original premium espressos deriving from a Brazilian and Columbian two-bean blend.

Photos: Food, drinks, and ambiance of coffee shop Two Guns Espresso

To top it all off, Two Guns Espresso displays a subtle action-themed ambiance that sets it apart from most coffee shops in Manhattan Beach. Some of the most popular drinks include the “flat white” and the “long black”, two popular espresso-based coffee beverages.

Two Guns Espresso is a popular yet understated spot in Manhattan Beach. Even with its consistent flow of customers, the quick service and delicious food and drink options provide an attractive environment that keeps people coming back for more.

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The furnishings of the shop include elements such as black wooden panels and a painting of action movie character Dirty Harry. The owners of Two Guns Espresso turned a western-styled building to a modern shop with a 70’s action movie flare. This design and environment of the shop provides an inviting and colorful atmosphere for customers to enjoy. 

L.A. Weekly’s review on Two Guns Espresso.

The shop’s signature drink, the “flat white”, not only has an appealing foam design, but also has an authentic espresso flavor that is difficult to find elsewhere in the South Bay. In addition, the chai tea has a perfect blend of spices and milk which is especially appealing for all coffee enthusiasts. Overall, the design and taste of the drinks are highly impressive.

Two Guns Espresso also offers a variety of delicious meals for both breakfast and lunch such as “The Stan-wich”, or a sandwich with a pretzel bun, house-made pesto, a fried egg and more. The addition of freshly-made cuisine coupled with authentic coffee is just one of the elements that sets Two Guns Espresso above the bar in comparison to franchises such as coffee shops like Coffee Bean and Starbucks.

Additionally, the amount of effort and originality that comes with the food and drinks at the coffee shop, the costs Two Guns Espresso offers are more than reasonable. All drinks range from $2 to $4, which is much cheaper than the prices of many large coffee shop chains.

Despite the many positive attributes of the coffee shop, the various drink selections are limited. The lack of variety on the menu leads to the monotonous selection for coffee drinkers after a certain period of time.

Two Guns Espresso, with its excellent customer service and menu, is one of the most appealing coffee shops in the South Bay. The modern yet comforting atmosphere provides all people with a wonderful place to enjoy authentic New Zealand cuisine.

The nearest Two Guns Espresso location is at 350 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach.

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