February 18, 2018

No student should be embarrassed on College Commitment Day

College Commitment Day is held on Apr. 28 where students come to the Mustang Mall during lunch to put their sticker with their name on it and college they will attend in the fall on the map of the United States in the state where their college is located. Students placed stickers on a variety of schools, ranging from University of California Santa Barbara to University of Michigan.

Maysen Marolda

Staff Writer

Mira Costa seniors wore their college colors on Apr. 28 to celebrate College Commitment Day, an annual event for the senior class. Although some students may feel insecure about where they have committed compared to their peers, junior colleges are a great option for students, so there is no reason as to why students should be embarrassed about the apparel they wear on College Commitment Day.  

On College Commitment Day, a map of the United States was displayed in the Mustang Mall where seniors placed a sticker in the state where they will be attending college in the fall. According to College and Career Counselor Shalyn Tharayil, College Commitment Day is an exciting day for all seniors because  it signifies a transition to the next chapter for many seniors. It also is a celebration of all the hard work that seniors had to complete when applying to college, she said. Therefore, it is apparent that no matter where students committed to, the day was an enjoyable event where seniors got to relax and appreciate all of their hard work throughout high school.

Check out photos from College Commitment Day here.

According to a La Vista survey of 202 students, 81% of students believe that students who commit to junior colleges are seen as equally successful as those who commit to four year universities. Therefore, College Commitment Day should not make students feel insecure about where they are committed to, due to the fact that peers do not look down upon those who have committed to junior colleges.


According to Tharayil, students should not be insecure about committing to junior colleges, as junior college is an amazing option that should be taken advantage of by more students. For example, El Camino is an excellent school with impressive transfer rates and high levels of student success, which makes junior college a great option, Tharayil said. It is evident that there would be no reason for students who committed to junior college to be embarrassed about their decision because junior college is a viable opportunity for those who do not wish to immediately progress to a four year university.

According to the survey, 65% of students believe that College Commitment Day is an exciting day for all seniors. Therefore, it is revealed that no matter what school a student places their sticker on, the day is still exciting because seniors know where they will attend in the fall, which is a comforting feeling.


Even though 50% of students believe that there are no negative aspects of College Commitment Day, 45% of students do not know if they would attend the event if they committed to a junior college. This reveals that there are still feelings associated with insecurity surrounding community college that makes some students feel apprehensive about their decision to attend junior college.

Overall, College Commitment Day is an exciting day for Costa seniors as it signifies a transition to the next significant chapter in their lives: college. Although students commit to a wide range of schools in terms of difficulty, on College Commitment Day, no one looks down on others based on where they will be attending, which should relieve the insecurity that some students may feel. This reveals that the event fosters a positive and supportive environment where seniors can acknowledge and congratulate others on all of their hard work.

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