December 17, 2017

Blondie’s “Pollinator” is an impressive comeback decades after the band’s glory days

Courtesy of antiMusic. Blondie's Pollinator is a Rock, old-school album released May 5th and has lead vocals by Debbie Harry. The album was executed very cleanly as it was a masterpiece of the past times.

By Zach Rosenberg

Staff Writer


In recent music, past glorious bands of the 70s and 80s tend to produce lackluster albums. Legendary rock band, Blondie, made a comeback of their own with their new album, “Pollinator.”

“Pollinator,” has exceptional lead vocals by Debbie Harry and stunning instrumentals that come together in a cohesive unit to produce stellar retro-styled music today.

Blondie is a rock band that includes Debbie Harry as lead vocals, Chris Stein on guitar, Clem Burke on drums, Tommy Kessler on guitar and Leigh Foxx on bass guitar. The band members started out in New York City where they were all once members of the Silhouettes and eventually all left and joined together because of their similar passions of the new rock and punk era.

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The band is one of the earliest to be apart of the new American punk rock era in the early 1970’s. Blondie has sculpted over 70 different albums and singles throughout their time including albums “Parallel Lines,” “Autoamerican,” “Eat to the Beat” and singles “Heart of Glass,” “Call Me” and “Rapture.”

In the album, Blondie incorporates hard hitting instruments, and a mix of soft, relaxing instrumentals of guitar and drums solos throughout their songs in “Pollinator.” The smooth sounding background instruments are carried throughout the songs especially in “Fragments,” creating a pleasant tone for all listeners.

Video: Pollinator is an almost 50 minute album that has instrumentals by Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Tommy Kessler and Leigh Foxx. The album excites with old feeling beats and vibes that reminisce on their past music.

The bands heavy beats and serene tempo come together harmoniously and make the album what it is. The beat changes throughout almost every song, leaving the album to sound amazing and instrumentally perfect for all listeners.

Additionally, the band combines its astonishing tempo and rhythms to go back to their original roots and use of old styles they used to perform and play. The tracks’ retro music gives the songs their old school vibes and leaves the listener reminiscing on past music.

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The album falls short due to the repetition found throughout the album. Listening to this album may get boring due to their lack of change throughout all of the songs. Although, this fault is extremely minor, so “Pollinator” is still an extremely well put together album of instrumentals.

Rolling Stone Pollinator Review

Overall, the remarkable album consists of the band’s exceptional instrumental talents, tranquil, and a smooth sound that is well put together, proving this album is the master work of musical geniuses.

“Pollinator,” by Blondie came out on May 5th and can be found for purchase on the iTunes store for $9.99, and for streaming Spotify and Apple music.

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