December 17, 2017

Machine Gun Kelly’s album “Bloom” fails to impress listeners with its dull sound

Machine Gun Kelly shows his thorn filled hand on the cover of his newly released album "Bloom". The album was released on May 12, and featured various guest artists such as Ty Dolls $ign and Camilla Cabello.

By Adam Sevier

Staff Writer


Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album, “Bloom”, does little to impress his listeners and blends in with the equivalent dull style that is common in sub-par rapping.

Although some of the instrumentals on the album prove to be original, Machine Gun Kelly makes it difficult to enjoy the tracks due to the constant “bad boy” persona that he tries too desperately to replicate.

The twenty-seven year old hip-hop artist is from Cleveland, Ohio, and released his first mixtape, “Alice in Wonderland”, as a teenager. Machine Gun Kelly signed to Bad Boy and Interscope Records in 2011.

“Bloom” is Machine Gun Kelly’s third album, and features a variety of different singers and rappers such as Hailee Steinfeld, Quavo, and Ty Dolla $ign. The album consists of thirteen tracks, some of which were released earlier on as singles, such as the song “Bad Things”, featuring Camilla Cabello.

The highlight of Machine Gun Kelly’s rapping was soothing tone coupled with diverse instrumetals. The simpler songs such as “The Gunner” feature Machine Gun Kelly rapping with a clean beat and soothing tempo are highlights of the album that allows the listener to fully enjoy the album.

The album also suffered due to  Machine Gun Kelly’s lousy rapping ability. He often raps about boring topics, which further displays his inability to rap. Even though the music was somewhat diverse, it failed to deliver enjoyable music.

Another disappointment was Machine Gun Kelly’s monotonous lyrics, which failed to captivate the listener’s attention due to poor delivery and meaningless lines. Some parts throughout the album felt as if the rapper simply had to fill in words on a page, rather than create relatable and catchy lyrics, which made the album drab and tough to listen to.

Many of Machine Gun Kelly’s songs were diverse, but his attempt at creating unique tracks failed and instead contradicted each other which made the album hard to grasp. One song may be an upbeat melody while the next is dark and depressing, which makes it hard to become engulfed in the choppy tones his music gives off.

Photos of Machine Gun Kelly

Despite the somewhat diverse music found throughout Machine Gun Kelly’s new album, “Bloom”, the album is a failure that does not show the rapper’s talent and impressive ability that we have seen in the past.

“Bloom” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and is available for purchase on iTunes for $9.99.

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