February 18, 2018

Junior Max Thomas owns fitness Instagram

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Bradley Hofmeister

Staff Writer

Max Thomas is raising the bar and adding weight to his resume through a lifelong passion for both fitness and inspiring others with his new fitness Instagram account, @nordic_atletics.

Around four years ago junior Max Thomas received a gym membership to the Bay Club in El Segundo for his 13th birthday. Thomas decided he would give the gym t a try after being bullied throughout elementary school and middle school.  Eventually working out turned into a passion for Thomas and he now goes to the gym everyday and posts motivational photos on his Nordic Athletics account.

Photos: Some pictures from Junior Max Thomas Instagram.

“I was often bullied in elementary school and middle school,” said Thomas.  “People teased me for the way I looked so I decided I wanted to make a change in my life.”

Around four months ago Thomas started his Nordic Athletics account created to inspire others and help make a positive impact on their lives. The account does not solely focus on fitness but also praises being a better person and striving to be the best that you can be.

Website:  The gym that Junior Max Thomas works out at.

“I want to inspire people to pursue their goals,” said Thomas.  “I have great respect for people who have their own style and stand out.”

At the age of 14 he began saving his own money so that he could pay for private lessons at the gym to prevent injury and make sure he was exercising to his full potential.  He began realizing that going to the gym was something he was passionate about and continued to go as much as he could.

Website: Website that Max Thomas uses to get some of his workouts.  

“At 14 I used all of my money raised from birthdays to purchase training sessions from a certified trainer,” said Thomas. “It is really important to know what you’re doing and the correct form if you want to keep your body free from injury.

Thomas believes in finding and pursuing your passion no matter what others think. Being yourself and having imperfections is what makes you who you are and what makes you perfect, according to Thomas.

“Whatever it is you’re passionate about, fitness related or not, pursue it,” said Thomas.  “Don’t listen to the people trying to bring you down or hurt you.”

Eventually Thomas says he wants to pursue a potential career in fitness. He is very passionate about working out and inspiring others, so he hopes he can find a way to make a positive impact on people and inspire them on a larger scale using social media.

“Fitness makes me feel euphoric and it is great to see progress every day,”  said Thomas. “I hope I continue to get the opportunity to inspire and motivate others on a larger scale.”

Video: Junior Max Thomas goes to the gym every day because in middle school he was bullied about his weight.  The video above shows some of the common exercises he uses in his daily routine.  

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