February 21, 2018

“Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust” has audience laughing throughout the entire show

"Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust" is a new Netflix stand-up comedy. The show premiered on May 30 and was hosted by Sarah Silverman.

By Elora Brow

Online Opinion Editor

“Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust” is full of non-stop jokes, intriguing stories and an immense amount of laughter.

“Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust” is a stand up comedy show with a variety of stories and a live audience who is constantly laughing. Silverman takes an engaging and comical approach to all topics and provides clear and smooth transitions between topics.

The Atlantic shares their opinion on Sarah Silverman’s new show.

In the past, Silverman has received hate for crossing boundaries, such as when she posted on Twitter mistaking construction symbols for swastikas, or her numerous Trump rants. In this piece that premiered on May 30, she kept it personal and didn’t target any outside actors, politicians or socialites.

In this new hour and eleven minute show, Silverman covers a variety of topics that relate to her life experiences. She tells stories about her sister pooping her pants, her blooper videos from after surgery and much more.

Photos: Check out some photos of Sarah Silverman and her new Netflix stand-up comedy. 

Some of these topics she approaches in a more serious manner and then suddenly change it into a joke, leaving the audience always wondering how her stories end. This helps keep the viewer engaged at all times throughout the show.

She takes a very edgy approach to her show considering that she talks about sexuality, religion and diseases in an unapologetic manner. She keeps her jokes under control in order not to offend anyone as she relates them back to herself, so that it seems like she is making fun of herself rather than other people.

The confidence Silverman holds on stage is respectable considering the fact that she is saying some controversial things that could offend some audience members. However, her audience did consist of some people she knew personally which could have helped her feel more comfortable, adding an extra spark to the show.

Although the show only had one, simplistic set, the amount of attention Silverman draws to herself keeps the audience engaged in her jokes and stories the time. She does so by keeping her energy up and getting to the point quickly in her stories while still managing to include lots of details. There are no other distractions put forth on the stage.

One of the personal aspects of her life that Silverman shares about is a life-threatening throat disease, Epiglottitis that she had over the past summer that lead her to have to get a risky surgery. The personal conversation helps the audience to connect with Silverman but at the same time, Silverman still manages to make the audience laugh while talking about her near-death experience.

 Vanity Fair gives their opinion on what they believe what the smartest joke out of her whole show.

Overall, Sarah Silverman’s new stand up comedy show was consistently humorous, not repetitive and enjoyable for all audience members. She put forth a friendly persona which helped create a bond between her and the audience which allowed for a more casual environment.

“Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust” is available for viewing on Netflix and is recommended for people  above the age of 14.






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