February 21, 2018

Whethan overcomes interruptions and still wows the crowd with his amazing performance.

Eighteen year old Chicago D.J. Ethan Snoreck, better known by his stage name Whethan, amazed the crowd with his exciting visuals, upbeat set list and his powerful energy.


By Guadi Rabino

Staff Writer

D.J. Whethan’s tour is fittingly named “Good Nights” due to the energetic concert experience he produced for his many fans as he opened at the el Rey Theater on Sept. 14.

Despite several technical difficulties, Whethan managed to amaze the crowd with his exciting visuals, upbeat set list and his powerful energy. In addition, Whethan’s ability to entertain the crowd as well as create a personal connection with his fans made the experience memorable.

Eighteen year old Chicago D.J. Ethan Snoreck, better known by his stage name Whethan,  became popular in the electronic scene in early 2016. His remix of “XE3” gained over 9 million plays on Soundcloud, which caught the attention of Skrillex, the founder of record label OWSLA.

Doors opened at 8 p.m., but the first act, Opia, did not perform until around 9:30. The duo was followed by a D.J. from Norway named Bearson who performed until Whethan took over the stage. The three artists will be performing alongside Whethan throughout the rest of the tour.

Whethan opened up the night with his hit “love gang” featuring Charlie XCX. He had the crowd dancing from start to finish as he closed with his “Savage” featuring Flux Pavillion and MAX. Although he did not perform many crowd favorites such as “All You Ever Talk About,” he played many new remixes, which caught the interests of audience members and held it throughout the show.

Although the crowd was energetic throughout the entire performance, the music was abruptly halted on two separate occasions due to an overheating laptop. Though this disrupted the flow of the concert, Whethan managed to display his charisma and kept the crowd calm as the disruptions were fixed by the stage managers, displaying his professionalism as an artist and his maturity despite his young age.

One of the highlights of the performance was the constant animated visuals that were displayed behind the D.J. table during the entire show. Animated dancing waffles and cartoons of Whethan were projected onto the screen, creating an amusing vibe and providing entertainment for audience members that extended beyond only music.

Whethan’s energy throughout the show created an exhilarating atmosphere, helping the audience enjoy the experience to its fullest. His gratitude for each of the concertgoers was evident, which allowed the audience to connect with him on a personal level.

In honor of the tour’s opening, Whethan brought out fellow artists and friends Louis the Child and Oliver Tree. During the fan favorite songs “Fire” by Louis the Child and “When I’m Down” by Oliver Tree, the energy in the crowd rose greatly.  The inclusion of these other artist kept the crowd moving and added variety to the performance.

Despite the unfortunate setbacks during his set Whethan still managed to keep the crowd satisfied from start to finish. With the use of his incredible vivid visuals, the phenomenal setlist, positive energy and the help of surprise performances from fellow artists, Whethan’s first night of tour was an incredible success.

The “Good Nights” tour is currently performing in Fort Collins, Colorado and will end the tour on November 1 in Chicago, Illinois.

Whethan’s “Good Nights” will continue until Nov. 1, and his music can be found on iTunes and Spotify.


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