December 17, 2017

La Vista reflects on upcoming changes in the future

By Claire Gunning and Wyatt Robb


In our last Ed Note, we addressed our apprehension for the future and the responsibility we felt to our readers. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our responsibility as journalists now seems more crucial than ever.

Over the summer, we received news from Costa’s administration about a few less-than-satisfactory changes facing La Vista. Our once expansive classroom and computer lab were reduced to also hold the yearbook class. The editorial staff now conducts all of its duties in a room that is about half the size of our old computer room. The rest of our large staff conducts their writing, interviewing, revising, and photographing in a multipurpose La Vista classroom.

At around the same time, we were alerted by the administration that Mr. Zeoli, a teacher who spent all of last year shadowing the program in preparation to take over for Mr. McAvin, would not become our advisor for the 2017-18 school year. Instead, Ms. Gabbert, a third year Costa English teacher, became the new advisor. Fortunately for us, Ms. Gabbert’s passion and experience has allowed us to stay on track in regard to improving our standard of journalism.

La Vista has existed longer than Mira Costa High School itself. The paper has lived through the Vietnam War, Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, the Watergate Scandal, the Gulf War and 9/11. That being said, your support and readership is more important now than it ever was so that it continues to live on.

Our editorial staff, our writers, our photographers, our videographers and the rest of the students that make this paper what it is refuse to let these changes serve as a caveat for the quality of our paper. Not only will we reject the urge to be complacent with the quality that our readers have come to expect from La Vista, but we will continue to provide them with the complete truth.

The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

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