December 17, 2017

Junior Cole Ficklin pursues passion through music

Mira Costa junior Cole Ficklin has used his passion for music to go beyond a hobby as he has created several songs that are on his Soundcloud. Ficklin's song has an electro style beat with no vocals.

Sheridan McKnight

Staff Writer

Four years ago, Mira Costa junior Cole Ficklin discovered his passion for producing music through Garageband.

What started out as small hobby in middle school has now become a big part of Ficklin’s life. Ficklin posts his original music on his SoundCloud, which is advertised on his Instagram biography. Ficklin says his biggest inspirations are the electronic music duos Odesza and Flume. 

“The music I make is produced through an electronic platform which can incorporate various elements of all different types of music,” Ficklin said. “I use electronic drums and keyboard but I also incorporate acoustic elements like piano or string.” 

Ficklin discovered his passion for music about four years ago when he started taking piano lessons. That lead him to began creating his own beats. Ficklin started off with garageband to make his music until he wanted to upgrade to a more advanced software. Logic Pro X is the software Ficklin is currently using. 

“My dad showed me garage band in 7th grade and from there I kept improving my skills in music production. I have always had creative ideas in my head and I found that music was a really good way for me to express those ideas,” Ficklin said. 

Ficklin uses electro and edm style beats to make his music and has collaborations planned for the future. One upcoming collab is with Costa junior Chase Evers. They have been planning to do a song together that Ficklin produces and Evers sings. The song will be released on Ficklin’s soundcloud soon. 

“This past summer we decided that we were going to make it happen because we wanted to finally release one,” Evers said. “He had a chord progression that he wanted my vocals over, I went over to his house one day and we started coming up with melodies and lyrics.”

Ficklin is constantly uploading and deleting music on his soundcloud page. This is because he only wants his best songs to be open to the public so that they are an accurate representation of the musician he is. 

“I’ve been posting songs on Soundcloud since I started 4 years ago but since then I have removed songs because as I got better I realized they didn’t reflect what i wanted to put out,” Ficklin said. “So many of the songs I have posted I’ve deleted. The oldest song I have on my Soundcloud was an important song for me because it was the first song that got a positive reaction and the most plays by far.” 

Ficklin spends most of his free time making and editing music and hopes to continue his passion in the future since it is something he loves. 

“My future plans for music are to keep producing music and always keeping it as a hobby,” Ficklin said. It would be amazing if it could actually take me somewhere in life.”

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