December 17, 2017

MBPD arrests two Costa students on threat charges

The Manhattan Beach Police Department and Mira Costa school resource officer Jesse Garcia work together to arrest two students who were allegedly planning to harm other students and staff. They arrested the students a day after a threat was made to the school and an active shooter was reported on campus, which turned out to be a hoax.

Kyra Williams

News Editor

The Manhattan Beach Police Department arrested two unnamed 17-year-old Mira Costa students on Wednesday for alleged threats directed towards other Costa students.

Authorities became aware of potential criminal threats posed by Costa students, by an unknown source on Tuesday, MBPD said. MBPD patrol officers responded to the call and detectives worked alongside Mira Costa School Resource Officer, Jesse Garcia, to investigate. The following day while investigators were on campus, the police department’s dispatch received a call regarding a possible active shooter at Costa. The MBPD sent additional deputies to campus to assess the situation.

“It was determined that the threat of an active shooter was unfounded and based on rumors,” the MBPD said in a press release. “The investigation continued into the original threats and the investigators contacted the two students on campus.”

Investigators interviewed both students prior to searching their homes. According to the MBPD, detectives did not find any weapons in either of their homes, however, they did find “substantial evidence” in one of the homes which led them to believe that there was a significant credible threat. The MBPD asks for any information, in regard to criminal threats made at Costa, to be reported to its detectives.

“Investigators believe a dangerous incident has been averted due to the arrest of the suspects,” the MBPD said.

Link: You can read the full MBPD Press Release here

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