December 17, 2017

Comedy Sportz wins first match of the year

Junior Carson Billingsley competes in Friday's Comedy Sportz match against El Segundo High School. They won their first match of the year and will play again soon. (Drew Rohm/La Vista)

Canyon Kotani-Crespo

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s Comedy Sportz team won their first match of the year against El Segundo High School on Oct. 6 in the Mira Costa small theater.

The two halves were played by 8 members selected by the managers. Sophi Boylan, Rebecca Rawson, Emma Gray, and Carson Billingsley played the first half while Jack Drinker, Toby Kamish, Stephanie Sala, and Dalia Feliciano finished the second half.

“We won 31-23 based on laughter and applause,” said junior Carson Billingsley, a captain of the team.

While only 8 players get to participate in each match, everyone will get an opportunity. One person is selected, titled “Mr. Voice”, to tally up the scores of the teams. All other team members cheer on and support the match from the sidelines.

“As a new player, I don’t play until second semester,” said sophomore Clare Arnold. “It still is really cool to go to matches and see my teammates play and learn from them.”

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