February 18, 2018

ASB, MBX move Homecoming Dance from West Field to Fisher Gym due to insurance issues

The Mira Costa Junior Varsity Football team practices on the new West Field on Wednesday, which is located on the northwest corner of Costa's campus and on Meadows Avenue. The Costa Associated Student Body planned to have its annual Homecoming Dance on the field, but due to complications including budgeting, they decided to move the event, which will take place tomorrow night in Fisher Gym. (Sarah Toomey/ La Vista)

Karli Wallace

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s Associated Student Body’s “Glow In the Dark” themed annual Homecoming Dance was moved to Fisher Gym from the West Field on Oct. 13, during a meeting between Costa’s school board, ASB and MBX.

MBX is a foundation that funds educational programs for schools within the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. ASB had originally planned to use the new West Field, which opened on Sept. 20, to host its annual Homecoming Dance tomorrow. However, MBX’s insurance policy on the field would not have been fully paid by the day of the dance.

“Even though the West Field is on our campus and we use it for athletic purposes, it belongs to MBX,” ASB director and Activities Director Lisa Claypoole said. “Along with that, the final cost has not yet been paid, so the warranty on the AstroTurf hasn’t been put into effect.”

Conflict stems from details concerning the warranty and insurance on the West Field, Claypoole said. If any damage had been done to the field during the night of the dance before the warranty was paid, the insurance company would not have covered the expenses.

“Fisher Gym had always been our back up plan in case the plan to have Homecoming on the West Filed fell through,” ASB Vice President Keeli Hartley said. “We were definitely sad when we first heard the news, but we knew that it wasn’t going to stop us from making Homecoming really fun.”

The expenses to host Homecoming on the AstroTurf would use a considerable amount of money to keep the field protected, Claypoole said. If ASB were to host Homecoming on the West Field, it would require them to purchase coverings for the field at a cost of $14,000.

“Despite the conflict, we are still putting our best effort into making Homecoming a success,” Hartley said. “Homecoming and Spirit Week are so important to us, and this year will be no exception.”

ASB has been showing their enthusiasm for Homecoming throughout the week by avidly participating in Spirit Week, Hartley said. The 2017 Homecoming Dance will officially be in Fisher Gym, and students are encouraged to dress up in bright colors in accordance with the theme.

“It’s been difficult for the students planning the dance and ASB as a whole to quickly adapt to the situation,” Hartley said. “Even though we’ve had very little time to plan the event, we are going to try our best to create a fun dance given the short notice.”


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