February 18, 2018

TedX Manhattan Beach will take place in the auditorium

Mira Costa will host a TedX conference in the auditorium in November. The conference will cover a variety of topics.

Cara Martinez

Staff Writer

TEDxManhattanBeach will take place on Nov 4 in the Costa auditorium and the theme will be “anything is possible.”

A total of 16 speakers will focus on a variety of topics that are important and meaningful to the community, TEDxManhattanBeach Organizer, Katie Bergin said. Speakers include Costa senior Emily Angstreich, Manhattan Beach Middle School Humanities Teacher Gregor Trpin, Venice Clinic owner, Dr. Myles Spar.

“I am looking forward to get the opportunity to meet all of the incredible speakers there,” Angstreich said. “They are amazing people and it would be really cool to meet them and find out what they are going to talk about and make some connections with them.”

Bergin selected the speakers by doing research, and talking to past speakers and people in the community. According to Bergin speakers come to tedx based on ideas that they think are important or the community would find meaningful.

“Our mission at Tedx is to open the eyes, ears and hearts of our community by curating speakers and exhibits that offer a disruptive idea or new perspective to the world of possibilities,” Bergin said.”

Three Costa students, seniors Tony Shar and Ethan Sang and junior Lauren Stargardter will help plan in some of the 21 exhibits at the event. The exhibits will include art projects, science and technology, education, health and entertainment.

“I love how different the speaker styles are and how well they are able to communicate their ideas,” Stardgarter said. “At the past TEDx events I have been to their innovations really moved me and I loved how they put on the event and the atmosphere it brings.”

According to Stardgarter, their goal is to advocate for these different ideas and innovations through speaking and expos that will eventually transform the world into a positive way. The purpose of TEDX is to spread ideas, start conversations and to expand an idea of topic.

“I think it will be very important for mira costa students to come to this because I am sure there are things they can relate to and learn from,” junior Lauren Stargardter said. “It might even help them later in life or help them figure out what their passions could be and open their minds to new ideas.”

Tickets can be purchased at the student store or online for $35 for students and elderly, $75 for adults with a coupon and free for MBUSD teachers.

“ We have the power to chose how we want to think and what we want to do about it,” Bergin said. “I think the idea that hope is really alive in our community is something I would like to make sure people experience.”

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