February 18, 2018

Sophomore Maya Harvey spreads peace through Bring Peace Back Association

Photo of workers cleaning graffiti in Los Angeles. The BPBA hopes to pursue similar projects in the future. Photo courtesy by www.AllClean.ba

By Parnia Mazhar
Copy Editor

With all of the recent violent events present in the world today, Costa sophomore Maya Harvey has decided to spread peace through her own organization.

In light of the recent hate crimes, Harvey started her community outreach program, the Bring Peace Back Association. The organization will participate in small charity projects to promote peace and beautification throughout the local counties.

“The main purpose of BPBA is to spread awareness of how much every one of our actions can affect people,” Harvey said. “We are helping people find ways to keep themselves aware.”

Specifically, Harvey hopes to kick off the organization with a project to paint over graffiti in Los Angeles or Orange County. She is also planning on working with the Richstone Family Center to help out and teach kids about certain worldly issues, ideally through art.

“I hope to be able to give the ideas of students a voice by setting up times when the city will allow them to express themselves in the public eye, whether that be through monologue, art or music,” Harvey said.

Eventually, Harvey hopes to get a large enough group of people so the BPBA can also establish some community seminars in the park or downtown Manhattan Beach.

“I hope to not only spread these ideas through volunteering, but provide an outlet for the more outspoken people as well,” Harvey said. “The seminars would be a great option for that,” Harvey said.

Harvey believes that the BPBA is especially great for anyone who cannot afford the traditional local community service organizations such as National Charity League and Sandpipers. She believes her organization is a good alternative due to its lack of membership fees and similar intentions on volunteering throughout the community.

“We will just be helping people get involved in small charity projects that will hopefully inspire our possible future members,” Harvey said. “We hope to just to help people see how even a little volunteer work can make a big impact. ”

Other club leaders include sophomore Rachel Clinton and sophomore Dain Johnson. They hope to turn the organization into a club for second semester.

“With the BPBA, I hope to help out all of the inspiring people I’ve met in this district who have profound ideas but don’t have a good outlet to spread them,” Harvey said. “If someone has something to say or an idea to put into the world, this is a haven for them where not only will they be welcomed to speak out, but they will be heard.”

Parnia Mazhar
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