February 21, 2018

Wu-Tang Clan’s newest album, “The Saga Continues,” fails to produce an interesting album

Photo courtesy of Wu-Tang Corp. Rap group, Wu-Tang Clan, recently released their newest album, “The Saga Continues,” and fails to produce an interesting album, with a lack of new sound.

Written by Connor Kropschot

Online Arts Editor

Rap group, Wu-Tang Clan, recently released their newest album, “The Saga Continues,” and fails to produce an interesting album, with a lack of new sound.

The Wu-Tang Clan, was one of the first hip hop groups and paved the way for the newly popular genre of rap. Although in the past they have consistently produced billboard hits, their newest album, “The Saga Continues,” is their biggest flop, with a similar sound to their past releases, a lack of following the beat, and constant repetition of beats, this album is worth the listen.

The Wu-Tang Clan, was originated in 1992 in Staten Island, and the group consists of RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and Cappadonna. The rap group has consistently been called as one of the best rap groups, from multiple sources.

“The Saga Continues,” is Wu-Tang Clan’s reunion is filled with eighteen songs, each song featuring at least one official clan member, and is entirely produced by the group’s long time producer, Mathematics.

Although the comeback of the highly praised rap group, Wu-Tang Clan, was highly anticipated the album is a major let down. One of the biggest flaws is the change of rappers and featured rappers throughout the album. The album comes off as a chore and the group seems as a disconnected family reconvening for a failed family reunion.

Wu-Tang Clan consists of highly popular artists such as Raekwon, RZA, and Method Man, who are widely known throughout the hip-hop community for their ability to produce hit albums. However, in “The Saga Continues,” the rappers so widely known produce songs way below their skill level and the overall album becomes a bore, and a waste of talent.

“The Saga Continues,” is definitely not worth a purchase, with a lack of effort to produce an album that portrays the group’s overall ability, however, songs like “People Say” and “Lesson Learn’d,” take the listener back to the original Wu-Tang Clan. These songs bring the listener the desired Wu-Tang Clan classic beat style, catchy choruses, and impeccable verses.

“The Saga Continues,” is the rap group’s first album released since 2014, and with ample time to release a time relevant album, the album entirely fails to release an album related to 2017. One example is exemplified in “Why, Why, Why,” RZA raps, “Bobby Dig convert Lady Gaga/Back to heterosexual,” which aside from being problematic, misunderstands both Gaga and how sexuality works. Everything about this feels dusty, suspect, and archaic.

Overall, “The Saga Continues,” is an album that seems to be released solely for money intake for the lesser known members of the group. With outdated references, lack of ability to produce music up to their standards, lack of an updated or any change with their sound, and a somewhat confusing setup with the album, it is not worth the time or money.

“The Saga Continues,” was released on October 13th, by record label Entertainment One, and contains eighteen songs and on overall run time of 51 minutes. The record is available for purchase on iTunes, and available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, and Spotify.

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