December 17, 2017

The Drums have stellar performance at The Fonda Theater

By Ian Lockwood

Online Managing Editor

With vibrant lighting effects, eccentric dance moves, and a unique flare, alternative pop band, The Drums, made a bold performance during their second night of their residency in Hollywood.

The Drums amazed the crowd at the fully packed Fonda Theater on November 2, with their incredible collection of thrilling tracks, interactions with the crowd, and an overall stimulating performance.

The Drums is an American alternative pop band that began releasing music in 2009 with their first EP, Summertime!. The band first gained fame in 2010, with their sophomore album, Portamento.

The band released their latest album, Abysmal Thoughts, on June 16 of this year. The album features a newer tone of music, that is a mix between surf rock and contemporary alternative music. The album was fully produced and written by Jonathan Pierce (the leader singer), due to all of the band members splitting off to work on their personal careers.

Pierce intrigued the audience with his lively stage presence and unconventional dance moves. His interactions between his bandmates and the audience made for a riveting concert. Pierce’s comical style of dancing kept viewers engaged throughout the whole performance.

The band’s setlist included some of their more notable tracks such as, “Days,” and “Blood Under My Belt”. The band played a wide arrangement of songs that were from their first and newest albums. The inclusion of older songs allowed listeners, new and old, to be able to enjoy the show.  

Another enticing feature of The Drums’ concert was the electrifying use of lighting effects. The tone of each song was paired with the appropriate lightning, whether that be hazy blue lights for a more downbeat type of song, or bright flashing red lights for a track that was more stimulating. The change in lighting made for a more emotional and moving performance.

A drawback of their performance, was the Fonda Theater feeling overcrowded. Although the Fonda is considered to be an intimate venue, the congested crowd made it difficult to enjoy the show for everyone in attendance.

The Drums’ thrilled all in attendance at The Fonda on November 2, with a potpourri of thrilling lightning effects, an exciting setlist, and unique dance moves.

The Drums’ newest album, Abysmal Thoughts, is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple music. The band will be back to perform in Southern California on December 15 at the Observatory Orange County.

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