January 16, 2018

Hermosa Beach gallery Shockboxx presents ‘The C-Note Show’ featuring diverse artwork

The small gallery located in Hermosa Beach has a casual vibe that creates a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. The artwork on display in "The C-Note Show" was submitted by a variety of local artists.

By Danielle Smith

Managing Editor

Shockboxx, a small, trendy gallery space in Hermosa Beach opened “The C-Note Show” on Dec. 2, consisting of diverse, modern art from a variety of artists across the Greater Los Angeles area.

The one-room gallery is striking, featuring hundreds of works of all different sizes, colors and styles. “The C-Note Show” is a unique platform for local artists to display and sell their artwork in an informal, creative setting.

Shockboxx co-founders Mike Collins and Laura Schuler opened the gallery in May 2017 with the goal in mind of creating a destination for art enthusiasts. They host exhibits each month that vary vastly in theme, including a past exhibit centered around graffiti art and future exhibits in 2018 planned to explore forms of protest and eating disorders.

Shockboxx is a one-room gallery space that is completely redesigned for each exhibition. “The C-Note Show” consists of hundreds of pieces of art submitted by a variety of artists and the show is appropriately named as each piece in the exhibit is available for purchase for $100.

Collins’s and Schuler’s decision to open submissions for “The C-Note Show” to artists across the Greater Los Angeles area attracted a plethora of different artwork. Abstract pieces hang between collages, photographs and acrylic paintings and the assortment of media added diversity to the display.

The artwork on display lacks a central theme, but this deviation from the typical gallery experience emphasizes the differences in each piece, ultimately creating a highly dynamic and fascinating collection. In addition, the irregular sizes of each piece further add to the intrigue of the show.

Many pieces throughout the exhibit draw inspiration from the South Bay’s beach culture. One such piece depicts a Native American riding a buffalo while holding a surfboard. These pieces create a tie to the community and bring a playful aspect to the exhibit.

The gallery space itself, known as “The Boxx,” is inviting and visually pleasing. Glittery resin pools in artistic puddles on the floor and graffiti created by artist Davia King covers portions of the wall while the exhibited art is hung on white portions. The space, although small, features a well-balanced juxtaposition of decorative aspects and modern design.

In addition, the graffiti displayed on portions of the gallery’s walls is striking as the large-scale art sets a dynamic background for the smaller pieces on display. The simple spray-paint art effectively creates a casual and welcoming atmosphere that inspires creativity.

“The C-Note Show” is a highly fascinating and engaging show that fits Shockboxx’s modern, creative atmosphere. The organized chaos creates a dynamic and compelling space that is entirely different from typical art gallery experiences.

“The C-Note Show” opened on Dec. 1 and will be available for viewing until early January. Shockboxx is located at 636 Cypress Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA. To see gallery hours follow the gallery’s Instagram @shockboxx.project or find more information online at shockboxxproject.com.

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