January 16, 2018

Netflix Original “Alias Grace” features a talented cast and a lot of drama

By Elora Brow

Online Opinion Editor

Netflix’s new original series “Alias Grace” features a talented cast and plenty of dramatic action.

“Alias Grace” is a fascinating, dramatic mystery with lots of action, never leaving the audience disinterested. The storyline switches between past and present stories from the perspective of Grace Marks and always leaves the audience with details to contemplate.

Directed by Mary Harron and starring Sarah Gadon “Alias Grace” is a drama-mystery series based on Margaret Atwood’s, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” This series has six action packed episodes, approximately forty five minutes each.

This new series is centered around Dr. Simon Jordan, played by Edward Holcroft, who is trying to help prove that Grace Marks, played by Sarah Gadon, is innocent of a murder she was convicted of 15 years ago. Marks has been in jail for about 15 years when a charitable organization suddenly becomes interested in freeing her. The organization brings in Jordan, who has multiple sessions with Grace to try and retrieve memories from her past leading up to the murder.

Gadon’s astounding depiction of Grace Marks is what makes the entire show so fascinating. The emotions she conveys through her acting add a very realistic feeling that allows the viewer to feel a part of the story.

As the plot takes place in both the present and the past, the viewer is encouraged to consistently pay attention in order to not miss any details from the flashbacks. The flashbacks create two plots and the details portrayed in the flashbacks always correlate to the present and help link the whole storyline together. The switch between the past and present points of view not only force the viewer to be attentive, but also adds intrigue to the show.

As Marks continues to tell stories from her past, the audience is introduced to many new facts from her life that helps them create their own opinions on her innocence. The stories from her past add an interaction between the audience and the show that makes the viewer feel more involved because they get to develop their own thoughts in the plot.

Mark’s flashbacks take place over four years where the audience gets to see her character develop. Gadon does an impeccable job embracing the emotional changes Marks has gone through over the many years.

The suspense of not knowing if Marks is innocent or guilty keeps the viewer consistently wanting more. Each episode ends with unanswered questions, leaving the viewer no other option except to click the next episode to find out more information.

Netflix original “Alias Grace” is well written with lots of mystery and great actors. The overall plot of the show intrigues by switching between the past and present, leaving the viewer to follow two storylines and link details together themselves.

“Alias Grace” is available for streaming on Netflix and is appropriate for anyone over the age of 13.

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