January 16, 2018

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show leaves audiences amazed once again

Photo courtesy of The Daily Beast

By Elora Brow

Online Opinion Editor

Another year, another city, and yet another spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was once again a raving success (besides the one model who fell halfway down the runway). Its plethora of designs, models, and music kept audiences engaged worldwide as they were wowed by who are considered, some of the most beautiful women in the world.

The show took place in Shanghai, China and featured 55 of the most prominent models in 87 different outfits. These models consisted of Candice Swanepoel, Romee Strijd, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Taylor Hill.

This years show featured a collaboration with Balmain and six different lines, each with a unique theme, Punk Angel, Porcelain Angel, A Winter’s Tale, Millennial Nation, Nomadic Adventure, and Goddesses. Each line expressed a variation of colors, models, and music from artists such as Harry Styles and Miguel.

Candice Swanepoel opened the show in plaid outfit with extravagant black and red wings. This first outfit was designed by Oliver Rousteing of Balmain and captured the audience’s attention immediately with striking jewels and feathers. Sparkling jewels played a major role in this year’s show, leaving the audience in amazement.

The first line, “Punk Angel,” was presented as a collaboration with the high-end fashion brand, Balmain. This eye catching line consisted of many jewels and large jackets and wings that added a positive change to what could be considered the traditional lingerie show.

This year’s show featured lots of gold, white, and blue with many intricate designs and a wide variety of outfits. Goddesses, Winter’s Tale, and Porcelain Angel were the three most elegant lines in the show with the most extravagant wings, jackets, and accessories.  Although these three lines had some similar features, all the designs had so much to look at that the audience could never lose interest.

Victoria’s Secret brand,  Pink also had a line that featured more sporty wear and some jackets and pants called, Millennial Nation. This walk was much more simplistic than the others and allowed for a slight break from frantically trying to catch every detail in the other outfits. The audience got to sit back and feel a little more relaxed while watching this set.

Performances by Harry Styles, Miguel, and Jane Zhang kept the audience upbeat and enthusiastic throughout the entire show. Each performance had something new to offer, for example, Jane Zhang had other performers with her whole danced in the background as the models walked.

The closing line, Nomadic Angels touched down on cultured from around the world as models sported a variety of dazzling colors, patterns, and wings that captured the final eye. The vibrant colors in this set was a positive change from the more neutral colors in the other lines.

Victoria’s Secret produced yet another remarkable show that will be remembered for years for more reasons than that of a model falling on stage in her hometown.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 aired on November 28 on CBS and is appropriate for all ages.


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