January 16, 2018

‘Riverdale’ Surpasses Expectations

Courtesy of Comic Book

By Guadi Rabino

Staff Writer

After a summer of constant advertising, the highly anticipated “Riverdale” surpasses audience’s expectations with an incredible opening episode of season 2.


The satirical and mysterious adaptation of the notable lighthearted Archie Comics, left impressed viewers on the edge of their seats with its engaging introduction of the strong central mystery, it’s perfectly balanced melodrama and its expressive main characters


The second season of the CW’s hit show premiered on the CW on October 11 nationwide. The show is set in upstate New York, as it follows the lives of 4 best friends as they try to unravel a series of local murder mysteries.


The season 1 cliffhanger, in which main character Archie Andrews’ father Fred is shot at the local diner by an unidentified man, left the audience alarmed and anxious. Following the discovery of Jason Blossom’s killer in season 1, the town felt a short-lived feeling of relief. The shooting of Fred Andrews cause for a perfect transition into the second season’s next mystery.


The show did an incredible job of keeping audiences interested from beginning to end. Even as the episode came to an end, the death of Mrs.Grundy helped raise the anticipation for the next episode. Unlike many sequels, Riverdale’s season 2 was able to avoid repetitiveness and its newly introduced mystery was nothing short of refreshing.


Typically with many TV melodramas it is not uncommon to see an absurd amount of unnecessary plot points and over the top acting; however, Riverdale had a perfect balance of drama between characters and plot. Due to the subtle humor within main characters, the show was able to avoid constant exaggerated drama.


Main actors KJ Appa and Cole Sprouse, who portray Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones, were the perfect addition to the success of the show. Both expressive protagonists brought incredible acting to the show and contributed to the faint humor that was hidden throughout the episode.


Although the show has debuted on the CW network and on UK Netflix, US Netflix audiences unfortunately do not have access to the show yet. The show is expected to reach the Netflix format by January of 2018.


The first episode is available for streaming on the CW app and the next episode premieres on October 28 on the CW Network.

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