February 21, 2018

ASB changes date of Winter Formal

ASB changed the date of winter formal from Jan. 27 to Feb. 10th. The change was made as there were no local venues available until the new date.

Karli Wallace

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s Associated Student Body moved the date of its annual Winter Formal from Jan. 27 to Feb.10, and will be taking place at the Crowne Plaza near the Los Angeles airport.

ASB announced the date change on Jan.10 due to funding issues and the unavailability of local venues, ASB Director and Activities Director Lisa Claypoole said.

“The issue had to do with funding,” Claypoole said said. “In the future, we need to be able to provide the money for Winter Formal before the scheduled date and venue that we want is already booked.”

Since mostly upperclassmen attend Prom, Winter Formal is intended as a substitute for underclassmen, Claypoole said. This has caused Winter Formal to become increasingly popular as more underclassmen have decided to attend in the last couple years.

“Now that Winter Formal is so popular, these dances need bigger and bigger venues,” Claypoole said. “All the venues we wanted were booked on Jan. 27, so we looked for other dates to schedule Winter Formal on. Feb. 10 became our happy median.”

This year, ASB is estimating that around 500 students will attend, based upon the fact that the fact that 494 students attended last year’s Winter Formal.

“Sometimes, you just need to have faith for things to happen if you want to get the ball rolling,” said Claypoole. “The same goes for Winter Formal and it’s date change. We found an alternative solution to our problem, and we found a way to make it work.”


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