January 16, 2018

McKenzie Sussman / Photo Essay / La Vista


Sophomore Bailey Borowsky is using a keyboard during office hours to do her homework. She had to check out a keyboard due to the new policy.


Freshman Abbey Allen is in the library using the keyboards for an English project. Her class was taught about the new policy when they went in there for a class project tumblr_p03wkkkBPW1u2sxh2o3_540

This sign is on the tables in the library informing students of the new rule. The keyboards were ruined by students so having a new system is trying to prevent the damage.  tumblr_p03wkkkBPW1u2sxh2o4_540

Many keyboards have missing keys due to students picking them out. The keyboards with missing keys were replaced with new keyboards. tumblr_p03wkkkBPW1u2sxh2o5_540

Students have to check out keyboards using their ID cards when they want to use the computers. This new policy was made to keep the keyboards from becoming damaged.

Photo Essay by McKenzie Sussman


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