January 16, 2018

Comedy Sportz holds 15th annual tryouts

Past Comedy Sportz members perform improv. Students tried out to be on the Comedy Sportz team on Sept. 21. (Reproduced with the permission of miracostadramaboosters.org)

By Alex Whitman

Staff Writer

Mira Costa Comedy Sportz team held their 15th annual comedy sportz tryouts in the drama building yesterday.

Comedy Sportz is a competitive improv group that competes against numerous other schools. Any laughs received from the judges count as points. 60 Mira Costa students showed up at the Comedy Sportz tryouts this past week.

“I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve heard great thing about the club and am optimistic that I can make it,” said Comedy Sportz hopeful Shawn Haaland.

According to Comedy Sportz president Claire Layden,  Comedy Sportz won 1st place for improv at the Fullerton Theater Festival last year, which is one of the best honors to receive.  As a result of the tryouts 30-40 Costa students are expected to get a call back.

“Winning 1st place was something that hadn’t been done in at least four years for Mira Costa, which is really cool. Hopefully we can build off this success in the future,” said Layden.

For those who were trying out, there was an audition form due on Monday, September 19th. If you wanted to try out for the team the form needed to be completed. In addition to the completion form, there was a comedy sportz workshop on September 18th held by the presidents of the club, and those who attended had a jump start on the others.

“The workshop before the auditions is something new to Comedy Sportz, but can prove very helpful to those trying out who are inexperienced,” said Cara Christian, co-president of comedy sports.

At the tryouts, students were taught about scene structure, establishing characters, relationships, and objective. The students then were placed in groups of 6-8 people with a designated leader who is a returning Comedy Sportz member. They then performed to the Comedy Sportz presidents and the team advisor, and are evaluated.

“I’m excited for next year, there were a lot of talented people at tryouts, especially the underclassmen, it is going to be hard to make cuts with all the great people who showed up,” said Layden.

After the tryouts, Comedy Sportz has a quick turnaround with a match on October 5th, the game will be held in the Mira Costa auditorium and the opponent at this time is unknown. According to freshman Dillan Argue, Comedy Sportz is very entertaining to watch and always stays appropriate. If someone from either team says something inappropriate, they have to wear a bag over their head.

“The paper bag rule is a funny element of Comedy Sportz that just adds a little extra humor and makes the environment better.” said Christian.

The callback list for those who tried out was posted wednesday morning and callbacks happened at the first office hour. The final roster for comedy sportz was finished on friday and posted to the drama doors. A vast range of people made the team including a fair few underclassmen.

“The audition was very fun and relaxed. The mentors and the judging staff were all very encouraging and you could tell they wanted the best out of you,” said applicant Mary Clare Powell.

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