December 17, 2017

Paul Matt relishes in self produced music at Costa

Paul Matt is constantly trying to produce music in any spare time he has. He was interested in music ever since he was a kid.

Bella Watson

Staff Writer

Student Paul Matt puts a the “m” in music by jazzing up Mira Costa with his self produced music.

Matt designs and mixes jazz and electronic music using a computer, headphones, paper, and a keyboard. He tries to balance his time in order to pursue music because of his strong love for it.

“I’ve always understood sounds and have been immersed in quality music,” Matt said. “ I was leaning towards jazz in band because of the creative freedom.”

Matt has had an interest for music ever since he was young. His father used to play some of his old vinyls by the band Yes and Matt realized that he wanted to be able to work with music, especially jazz. His cousin, John, later showed him the electronic style music and Matt was instantly fascinated with it.

“I started the saxophone in 1st grade after several years of community instrumental music classes,” Matt said. “ I realized I wanted to produce sounds and electronic and jazz music in seventh grade.”

Matt uses different music programs, such as Serum and Massive to help make his music. He also uses listening skills and jazz skills to create drafts of music that could possibly be finished and made into a new, original track. Matt was able to get advice from Fred Vogler, a music producer which helped him improve his skills, he said.

Link: Click link if you wan to learn more about producing music

“Playing water polo took me away from being able to master instrumental music, but I find a way and time to design new sounds,” Matt said. “I mainly make music to make something original that I would enjoy.”

Matt struggles with finding time to finish music projects and even time to start new project. He says it’s worth it overall because he loves to make projects that are pure and teaching his friends how to make a fun sounding piece of music.

Link: Click here if you want to see some pictures that help with Matt’s music

“I could have an excellent melody or bassline in my head at one moment,” Matt said.“ I end up having no time no write it down, and when I do have time I forget it.”

Matt hopes to release an album that will challenge modern music while still being pleasing to listening too. He also has been wanting to post more of his music on his Soundcloud account. In the future,Matt really hopes to be signed with Spinnin Records or Anjunabeats.

Link: Cick here if you want to check out Spinnin Records

“I have learned that being skeptical when it comes to music can be mathematically proven that we will run out of available combinations of notes to make original music,” Matt said. “ My advice to anyone wanting to write music is to go for making music that appeals to you and combinations of notes to make original music.”

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