December 17, 2017

Mira Costa alumnus explores new clothing brand

Mira Costa alumnus Dylan Lombardo is designing his own future by working to create a clothing brand. The unisex brand sells t-shirts and hats (courtesy of Pixabay).

Elena Coe-McNamara

Executive Features Editor

Mira Costa alumnus Dylan Lombardo (‘17) designs his own future as he works to make his unisex clothing brand, Lalom Los Angeles come together.

Lombardo attended Costa his freshman year, but then transferred to various high schools, including Halstrom Academy and Da Vinci Design, in order to find a better fit for himself. Lombardo returned to Costa for his junior and senior years of high school. Lombardo is currently attending El Camino Community College so that he can complete his general education and be able to move on to a school of fine arts after two years at El Camino, as well as continue to expand his business.

“I plan to finish college and soak up any knowledge as I continue to pursue my fashion career,” Lombardo said. “I am also going to continue doing my favorite things such as skating, surfing, and snowboarding.”

Lalom is a streetwear brand that encompasses clothing for both genders. All items are emblazoned with the Lalom Los Angeles logo, a face that is made to appear as if it spells out the word Lalom. Lombardo created Lalom Los Angeles in BLANK of 2017.

Lombardo said that he created Lalom in order to have a personal outlet to street fashion that anyone can enjoy and wear. Lombardo said that he was bound to create Lalom through his own creativity and personal street style.

“I came up with the design while I was constantly doodling,” said Lombardo. “I always draw different kinds of faces, and I eventually formed facial features resembling the word lalom.”

The brand sells everyday items such as t-shirts and hats. All items sold feature the face logo that spells out Lalom. The designs are often worn by Lombardo’s close friends, who he said support his brand and dreams. The items sold are printed at an undisclosed location, said Lombardo.

“Most of my supporters are friends that heavily support my idea and overall concept,” said Lombardo. “As well as my family always supports what I’m doing.”

Lombardo’s short term plans for Lalom include working with upcoming local artists and friends, who Lombardo prefers to remain unnamed. Lombardo also plans on collaborating with other brands while attempting to create a rise in popularity all over the country in regards to his brand.

“I am always inspired by the latest fashion trends and clothes throughout the decades overall,” said Lombardo.

Lombardo advertises Lalom through the company Instagram, @lalomlosangeles, as well as other social media outlets such as  and word of mouth, mostly spread by his friends, as well as their Instagrams.   

“If you’re trying to be a part of the movement, go follow @lalomlosangeles,” said Lombardo.

Lombardo’s long term plans concerning Lalom are going international, as well as creating a community feel surrounding the brand and its concept. He said that he wants to to form a clothing brand that people in all aspects and stages of life can appreciate.

“My favorite part of Lalom is the limitless of imaginative possibilities,” said Lombardo. “There is always an emotion in telling a story, and I feel that the face has a story in itself. It’s a face you remember.”  

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