February 21, 2018

Junior Evers creates music video for original song

Mira Costa junior Chase Evers professionally recorded her original song "Old Habits" in a music video that will be released in February. Evers currently has her songs on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Youtube.

India Pearman

Features Editor

Mira Costa junior Chase Evers works her way up in the music industry by filming a music video.

In October, Ever’s manager Askia Fountain contacted her and the two began writing and recording demos with a producer based in Los Angeles. The manager reviewed her demos and then formed a team to aid Evers in professionally recording the song and creating a music video for her original single “Old Habits.” In February, Evers will release the music video and song on platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

“Singing is my happy place and my outlet to a lot of things,” Evers said. “It is an escape to life because you are in your own world, so being able to sing and write music is an awesome way to spend your time because it is the place you are most comfortable, yet so vulnerable at the same time.”

The music video took one day to film and was shot at El Salvador Beach, Evers said. They used a 1970’s Ford Bronco and shot drone scenes of Evers driving in Malibu.

“Being in a music video is something I literally never imagined, and all of a sudden it is all in the palm of my hand,” Evers said. “Everything has been happening so fast, and they keep telling me that this next year is going to be super busy for me.”

Evers wrote the song, “Old Habits” in the beginning of 2016. The song is based on Evers’s experience with toxic relationships and the fact that she would continue to go back to someone that she knew was bad for her, she said.

“I don’t have a process or formula for writing songs,” Evers said. “It just comes naturally or out of the blue for me. I figure out chord progressions that I like and come up with a melody. From that, I am able to decide what direction I want to go with the song and write lyrics on top of that.”

Evers grew up singing and she used to look up to the Disney and Nickelodeon stars as her idols, she said. She would also watch the live performances on the Grammys or American Music Awards and be inspired and intrigued by them and also attempted to recreate them. Evers plays guitar, ukulele and is currently learning how to play the piano, she said.

“I’m not expecting to blow up,” Evers said. “But, I am doing what I love most and this is giving me the chance to take it a step further. It is all surreal and shocking because the opportunity of getting to do this has just been incredible.”

Evers currently uploads original songs and covers on Soundcloud, Instagram and Youtube as a way to share her voice and show people that music is a big part of her life. As of now, Evers plans on going to college and focusing on a music-oriented field and major.

“My goal for music is not fame,” Evers said. “[My goal] is to be successful in a career of something I actually love, and since music is my passion I want to pursue a career in music.”

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