February 18, 2018

Administration to annouce Student of the Year at All Awards Assembly

Senior Derek Zeoli won the Student of the Year award at the All Award assembly in 2015. The nominees this year are seniors Michai Clinton, Audrey Phan, Emily Chase, Tooba Wasi and Kevin Pinkerton.

By Iman Bakhit

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s 2017 All Awards Assembly will be held at the auditorium on May 24th to present Costa upperclassmen with scholarly and athletic awards, including the announcement of the Student of the Year.

The All Awards Assembly is an annual Costa event that recognizes student achievements in through awards such as service awards, National Merit Scholar awards, Girls and Boys State awards and College Book awards.

“I feel very honored to be nominated for the Student of the Year award,” Senior Tooba Wasi said. “I am grateful and excited to be recognized.”

Click here for photos of this year’s Student of the Year nominees;

The nominees for Student of the Year award were announced on April 4. This year’s nominees are seniors Emily Chase, Ronald Clinton, Audrey Phan, Kevin Pinkerton, and Tooba Wasi. Senior Tooba Wasi founded the Girls As Leaders Club, United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund Club and is the president of the National Honor Society.

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“The All Award Assembly goes back to day one,” Mira Costa principal Dr. Ben Dale said. “It is like a tradition that goes back to the very beginning of Costa.”

Senior Audrey Phan is a member of the Lend a Hand Club and Together We Tutor Club. Phan started a Girl Scout Gold Award project, in which she travels to Vietnam to volunteer in orphanages and create care packages. Clinton has participated in the Manhattan Beach Mayor’s Youth Council, a member of the Black Scholars Union, Science Olympiad and Costa soccer team.

“You cannot strive for an award, you have to earn it through what you do,” Wasi said. “If you are dedicated and ambitious, it will pay off.”

Senior Emily Chase is the president for the Vocal Ensemble in Costa’s Marching Band, is a Wind Symphony Club member, and participates on the Soptometry Club. Senior Kevin Pinkerton has played on Costa’s volleyball team for four years. He is also a Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguards member.

“I never intended to get the award,” Wasi said. “I made it my goal to work hard and focused on what I loved to do throughout high school.”

The All Awards Assembly will be held at the auditorium during 2nd period. It will also feature a slideshow of the Student of the Year and the graduating class of 2017.

“Congratulations to all the nominees,” Wasi said. “I am honored to be acknowledged alongside such hard working, accomplished and inspiring people.”

All Awards Assembly Preview (Student of the Year nominees 2017) – The nominees for the annual Student of the Year award were announced on April 4th. The 2017 nominees are seniors: Tooba Wasi, Emily Chase, Kevin Pinkerton, Audrey Pahn, and Ronald Clinton. The All Awards Assembly will be held at Costa’s auditorium on May 24th, during second period.

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