February 18, 2018

An eagerness to transition into the unknown

By Claire Gunning and

Wyatt Robb Editors-in-Chief

J une 16 is on the horizon and, like all students, we are beginning to grow ea- ger for the freedom that summer provides. More than that, though, we are excited for the new opportunities that await us next year.
To say we are apprehensive about being editors-in-chief would be an understatement. However, we are not nervous about the unknown, but the responsibility we have to our readers. Our goal has, and will always be, to give a voice to the students of Mira Costa in a way that no other organization on campus can. As a student-run publication, we have no skin in the game, no desire to make money or sell stories. This grants us the opportunity not only to speak freely and honestly, but also to report on topics that are often controversial.

We recall the days spent in beginning journalism and the lessons that our adviser, Michael McAvin, worked so hard to teach us. It was Mac’s passion for journalism that influenced us to become the reporters, editors and students that we have grown to become today. We thank you Mac, for your unwavering guidance and for teaching us that journalism is about so much more than just writing.

We also would like to thank our prede- cessors, Lizzy and Delaney, for all that they have done and the endless advice they have given us for our upcoming year. We promise to uphold the standard of journal- ism that you worked so hard to establish. We will never forget your kindness.

To our new staff: We are so happy about your love for La Vista. Through the years, we have regarded our fellow staff members as family. We hope that you will become not only writers, but also videographers, photographers and eventually, editors.

Welcome to Room 101.


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