February 21, 2018

Core Values assemblies are vital in order to decrease student stress

By Catelyn Di Leva

Executive Opinion Editor

Mira Costa’s Associated Student Body hosted a Core Values assembly in order to reward students for non-academic achievements and to promote the core values that the Costa administration and student population hope to embody on campus. The Core Values Assembly is crucial for Costa’s culture because it encourages students to succeed in non-academic areas and promotes positive attitudes toward achievements that involve leadership and altruism, reaching toward the ultimate goal of reducing student stress.

The core values that ASB and the rest of the student population want to promote include dependability, compassion, respect, leadership, integrity, tolerance, determination and loyalty. During each Core Values assembly, students are rewarded for embodying the qualities of Costa’s Core Values, Activities Director Lisa Claypoole said. The Core Values assembly contributes to the goal of reducing student stress by focusing on non-academic goals and achievements and shines a new, positive light on non-traditional academic achievements.

Photos: Click here to see what Costa’s core values are.

The idea of implementing core values into the Manhattan Beach Unified School District was originally introduced in 2014 when Manhattan Beach Middle School worked with Character Lab, a non-profit that encourages development of strong character values in students. The core values assembly is beneficial to students overall because it shows that non-academic achievements are equally as important as academic achievements.

In 2015, the idea behind the assembly was established when several parents hoped to implement a type of student recognition that is focused on non-academic achievements and that has to do with existing values that Costa has, Claypoole said. Rewarding students for achievements outside of the academic realm is necessary so students are aware that one’s character is just as important as one’s academic success.


The Core Values Assembly also works to reduce stress. Past Core Values assemblies have had speakers, such as chairman of the Social Emotional Wellness Committee Jennifer Cochran, who spoke about the importance of reducing stress and having students embody Costa’s core values. Speakers who talk about student stress and the core values help explain how core values relate to stress reduction.

Click here to read more about Costa’s core values programs.

To improve assembly attendance in the future, Costa hopes to make the Core Values Assembly mandatory, Claypoole said. Making the assemblies mandatory will  be highly beneficial for students because it will help reduce student stress by creating a much-needed positive image around non-academic achievements and the core values.

Read more about the Core Values assemblies.

The Core Values Assembly is a vital aspect of Costa’s environment and culture. The assemblies will help reach the goal of reducing the amount of student stress, which is one of Costa’s ultimate goals.

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