December 17, 2017

Arts Issue #1 Playlist 09/29/17

Every week, La Vista’s staff submits their favorite songs of the week for the La Vista Weekly Playlist. Containing 5 Editors’ Picks and 5 Staff Picks, members of La Vista explain their song choices below. Enjoy! (Warning: Explicit Content may be present in some choices.)

Compiled by Connor Kropschot

Online Arts Editor



“Mi Gente” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s newest song “Mi Gente,” released today, is an upbeat remix of the popular Latin hit by J. Balvin and Willy William. The song, who’s proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in the Caribbean and Mexico, features a lively beat and passionate vocals, creating an uplifting sound.

Danielle Smith

Managing Editor


“Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding

“Try a Little Tenderness” is a soulful song by Otis Redding that truly encompasses the culture of the 60’s. The song describes the way a man should treat a woman starting off slow and ending with vocals knocking one off their seat.

Ben Gibbons

Sports Editor


“Walk onWater” by A$ap Mob

“Walk on Water” is an upbeat newly released trap song. Released recently by Asap Mob a collection of rappers in their newest album “Cozy Tapes Vol. 2,” this song is perfect for blasting through your earbuds, speakers, or car. The artists’ all collaborate together creating a perfect sounding song for any mood. 

Connor Kropschot

Online Arts Editor



“Rollin” by Calvin Harris feat. Future and Khalid

The hit “Rollin” consists of soulful singing and auto tuned rap to compose a good vibe song. Piano notes followed by a persistent rhythmic beat compliments the catchy chorus as contrasting voices of the artists creates a harmonizing dynamic. These parts unify to create lively tones throughout the song.

Bella Macleod

Staff Writer

“The Race” by Tay-k

Tay k’s song the race was released this past June the day he was caught by police for capital murder and other charges. He is a 17 year old newly popular rapper, and I like this song because of the catchy chorus.

Luc Anderson


“Tsunami” by Russ

“Tsunami” is a well produced song, with complex lyrics and a catchy beat. The artist uses powerful lyrics and combines pop music and hip hop in this song that is perfect for any occasion.

Blake Laurita

Staff Writer


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