February 21, 2018

Welcoming Homecoming 2017: Day 1

Mira Costa's 2017 Homecoming Court includes princes Liam Cook, Nick Lee, Wyatt Robb, Toby Kamish, Chasen Ozawa and Charlie Sutro, and princesses Keeley Parker, Chirawan Murphy, Shelby Friedman, Breegan Knudson, Bridgette Chalmers and Isabelle Marsh participated in an apple-bobbing competition today at lunch on the stage in the mustang mall. Seniors Bridgette Chalmers and Charlie Sutro won the competition by successfully bobbing apples in the least amount of time.

Karli Wallace

Staff Writer

The 2017 Homecoming Week began with each of the princess and prince pairs bobbing for apples during lunch today in the Mustang Mall with seniors Bridgette Chalmers and Charlie Sutro winning the game.

This year’s Homecoming Court includes princesses Keeley Parker, Isabelle Marsh, Breegan Knudson, Bridgette Chalmers, Chirawan Murphy and Shelby Friedman, and princes Wyatt Robb, Nick Lee, Charlie Sutro, Chasen Ozawa, Toby Kamish and Liam Cook. Each of the pairs dressed up as popular internet jokes, or memes, such as the hip-hop dancing hot dog which can be seen on Snapchat.

“This year’s [dress-up day] themes are definitely much different from our previous themes and what we’ve done in the past,” Chalmers said. “Memes always make people laugh, and it was just fun to dress it up for the Homecoming court.”

While members of the Homecoming Court dressed up as popular memes, today’s dress-up day theme for the rest of the Costa students and staff was “‘Merica Monday”, where students dressed in patriotic clothing. For tomorrow, the second day of Homecoming Week, students are encouraged to dress up as tourists for “Tacky Tourist Tuesday.”

“I think the Theme Days leading up to Homecoming really boost the spirit and morale within Costa,” Chalmers said. “It gets all of the students excited to see the games at lunch, and it makes me feel happy and excited as well”

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