December 17, 2017

“Big Mouth” is a big hit! Netflix’s new series is publicly popular in the first week of its release

Photo courtesy of Business Insider. “Big Mouth” is a big hit! Netflix’s new animated original series is successful among audiences in the first week of its release.

Written by Guadi Rabino

Staff Writer

“Big Mouth” is a big hit! Netflix’s new animated original series is successful among audiences in the first week of its release.

“Big Mouth” is an animated adult comedy that tells the story of Andrew and his friends Nick and Jessi as they go through the most awkward stage of their life: puberty. The show provides a satirical view on adolescence through its use of its humorous characters and simplistic yet entertaining visual design.

Critically acclaimed comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney created the show after the success of their feature in the adult animated comedy Sausage Party which hit the theaters in 2016. The show premiered on Sept. 30 and is continually gaining high praise.

In each 20 minute episode, Kroll and Mulaney’s characters encounter new dilemmas as they face the reality of growing up. The episodes deals with topics such as first crushes, first periods, unexplainable mood swings and exploration of one’s sexuality.

Initially, the show is uncomfortable as it often addresses undiscussed topics that come with puberty. However, as the show develops throughout the ten episodes, the character’s use of satire makes the viewer embrace the uncomfortableness and appreciate the awkward parts of life.

As a way to comedically display a teenager’s reasoning during puberty, the creators decided to incorporate an imaginary “hormone monster” that dictates all of the character’s actions. The monster is an exaggerated but mostly on point version of what puberty is truly like for all of us. With all of his ridiculous and vulgar remarks, he is able to incorporate a sense of reliability to the show which makes the viewer feel connected.

Not only is the show a success because of the hilarious punchlines, but the use of simple visual design and animation of the characters made it aesthetically pleasing to watch. The bold and unusual style of animation creates a diverse cast that engages the viewer and makes the show even more entertaining.

Overall, “Big Mouth” is an incredibly comedic show that helps audiences appreciate the awkward parts of life and laugh at them all at the same time. The eye catching animation combined with the amusing characters and the satirical jokes creates for an extremely captivating show.

“Big Mouth” is available for viewing on Netflix and is recommended for mature audiences 17 and up.

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