December 17, 2017

Conner Moore works for popular shows as a re-recording mixer

Courtesy of Levels Audio

By Bella Watson

Staff Writer

Mira Costa alumni, Conner Moore, is a now successful re-recording mixer who gets to work on many shows that students know and love.

Conner Moore has been working as a re-recording mixer for 25 years now.  He works with a company called Levels Audio located in Hollywood. Moore has worked for shows such as The Voice, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Shark Tank, So You Think You Can Dance, iHeart music shows, and The Oscars Awards Show. During these shows he has mixed for, he has gotten to meet celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Lopez, and many more.

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“When I was little I was very interested in sound,”said Moore. ”I really liked adding sound to the visuals and that really got me thinking about heading in that direction.”

When he was nine, he took apart his parents reel to reel tape recorder. As Moore got older, he realized his interest for music grew when he was in his garage mixing bands music together. Moore played the drums in his band Syndicate with his friend Jason Thirsk who helped form Pennywize, and Moore was asked to control and manage the sound system which led him to start working with major TV shows. Moore mixes the sounds that are recorded on the stage and adds music or voice overs that could include footsteps or other studio recorded sounds.

“The hardest part of the job is dealing with ever shrinking time and budgets,”said Moore. “The amount of work has gone up and time and money to do it with have gone down, so managing your time is very important.”

The mixer takes all the sound on a show, which typically ends up being about 200 tracks, and makes it into a mix called the Line Mix. Video editors then take the mix and add background stories with music. Then Moore gets all the sound elements from the other editors and mixes the hundred of tracks into what is called a printmaster which is later mixed with a video sent to the network.

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When I work with a Celebrity, I feel like they are a co-worker of sorts. I’m very professional. They are with me to do their job and I make them as comfortable as possible,” said Moore. “They are just people, So I never ask for selfies and autographs or anything like that.

Moore has been nominated for many awards for his re-recording skills. In his lifetime, he has been nominated for nine Emmy Awards. Moore won an Emmy Award with the sound team for the eighty-first Annual Academy Awards which is also known as The Oscars.

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“Winning the Emmy was really exciting, especially after being nominated several times before and not winning,”said Moore. “People say ‘it’s just an honor to be nominated’ but it’s much more fun to win.”

In the future, Moore plans to keep pursuing his job in entertainment. The way people work in sound is constantly changing so he is going to try and stay ahead of the game by learning some new techniques, he said. Moore also plans on trying to make up a few techniques of his own as well.

“If you have a passion for mixing music or rerecording, then find a way in the door somewhere, anywhere,”said Moore. “It is all experience and that is what you will need to succeed in this industry.”

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