December 18, 2017

Students campaign for upcoming ASB election

ASB Junior Vice President Breegan Knudson (right), who is running for ASB President, hands out candy to Camille Caflisch (left) in the Mustang Mall between passing periods. Knudson designed t-shirts, created pins and hung up posters throughout campus in order to gain student support before the upcoming ASB election on Wednesday.

By Sophie Hefter

Circulation Editor

Mira Costa freshmen, sophomores and juniors that plan to run for Associated Student Body started campaigning last Wednesday in order to prepare for the election this coming Wednesday during second period.

Students are running for positions including President, Vice President and Treasurer for each grade and for the entire Mira Costa Associated Student Body. Students’ campaigns have included clever catchphrases such as “It’s Trevor Time,” passing out candy and other treats and creating t-shirts or pins.

“I think the best way to campaign is to explain to everyone why you would be best for the job through campaigning around campus,” Senior Vice President candidate Trevor Van’t Hof said. “I’ve put up giant posters and even created a funny video.”

In addition, students have gone around to voters to talk to them and share why they want to be in ASB. Candidates also spread their campaigns through social media by posting photos telling others to vote for them.

“I hand out candy but I also try to socialize with people as much as I can,” Junior President candidate Becky Angiolini said. “I think the most effective way of campaigning is just being nice to people and meeting new people.”

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