December 17, 2017

Girls beach volleyball wins fifth straight IBVL championship

Courtesy of Roland Villapando

By Cara Martinez

Staff Writer

With its 69th straight win under its belt, it was no surprise that Mira Costa’s girls beach volleyball team dominated in the Intersholastic Beach Volleyball League (IBVL) championships.

Costa secured its fifth-straight IBVL Championship on May 13 at Ocean Park with a  3-0 win against Palisades Charter High School.

“We tried to do the best we could to win all of our games,” senior Maddie Micheletti said. “We had some good competition today, and all of the games were pretty close on our court.”

Senior Rio Frohoff and freshman Olivia Bakos made up the third-seeded team, winning their games 21-7 and 21-12.

“It was important for us to get that win off the bat because it would make our one’s and two’s courts confident in themselves,” Frohoff said. “We only needed one other court to win, and it gave us a sense of security going into the last couple points of the games.”

The second-seeded team of senior Sunny Villapando and junior Piper Monk-Heidrich won its sets, 21-5 and 21-15.

“We stayed strong and never gave up,” Monk said. “My team played really well, and we held our own and executed.”

Costa’s top pairing  of seniors Alexia Inman and  Micheletti won, 21-13, and did not need to play a second game due to the second and third teams’ early victories.

“We’ve practiced through extreme wind conditions, and it really helped us in the championships because it was really windy Saturday,” Inman said. “We handled our side of the net and came out on top.”

Costa played in the IBVL State Championship Saturday against the Northern California champ Branson High School, the San Diego champion, Point Loma High School and the Southern California runner-up Palisades Charter, but the results were unavailable at time of publication.

“I am excited for State Championships so we can have the chance to win the title as state champion,” Micheletti said. “It’s my last high school beach game, so that will be emotional and great at the same time.”

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