February 18, 2018

Associated Student Body will hold sold-out Prom

Reproduced with the permission of @asbmustangs via Instagram Students stand on the stage in the Mustang Mall and hold a sign about Prom on Friday. The sign had been made by ASB to promote Prom.

By Sophie Hefter

Circulation Editor

Mira Costa High School’s Associated Student Body will hold the annual Prom on Saturday, May 20 with a theme of “A Night With the Stars.”

The Globe Theater in Universal City was chosen by ASB as the location. It captures the theme and has several fun features, ASB member and junior Bridgette Chalmers said.

“Students should have high expectations for this year’s prom because ASB has added a lot of cool features this year,” Chalmers said. “All upper-classmen should attend because it’s almost like a passage through high school.”

The formal event is open to upperclassmen; however, underclassmen may attend if they are accompanied by an upperclassman. There will also be teacher chaperones, such as ASB director Lisa Claypoole.

“I’m excited for prom because it will be so cool to finally be an upper-classmen and I get to look super fly and do boujee things,” junior Toby Kamish said. “Prom is different from other school dances because it is the one dance that people want to go to for sure and it’s only for juniors and seniors.”

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The main room will feature a red carpet outside of the building and the room will have a black and white checkered floor. There will also be a walkway outside, similar to Universal City Walk, with a lookout point at the end.

“The venue has a ton of cool places to be instead of having one central location,” ASB member and junior Keeli Hartley said. “There will be an incredible lookout point that overlooks the whole city being lit up at night making it truly a ‘Night With the Stars.’”

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Along with the aspects of the location, this year’s Prom will feature music and dancing in the main room. The room will have lights and a photo booth.

“ASB works hard to put on the event, deciding on theme and location as well as organizing all the events like the elections for prom king and queen, selling tickets, and chossing activities,” Chalmers said. “We will also help set up everything the day of the event.”

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According to Chalmers, Prom is a great way for seniors and juniors to all be together and conclude the school year.

“Prom is always held at a big, extravagant location because for many seniors, it is their last high school dance so we try hard to make it as amazing as possible,” Chalmers said. “All of the upperclassmen should look forward to it because it’s a time to just relax and have a good time.”

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