January 16, 2018

McMahon continues to spark attention as a Soundcloud rapper

Alde Nguyen

Online Sports Editor

All eyez are on Costa junior Malachi McMahon as he jumpstarts an early career into the music industry.

McMahon begins to surface into the hip-hop scene as a prominent music artist with the alternate ego, Malidot6, offering originality in his energetic trap-style music. McMahon produces his own music and releases it to the general public via Soundcloud, a music streaming app.

“I make music because it helps me express how I feel in a creative way that others could relate to,” McMahon said. “When I make my lyrics I try to think about things I can relate to or that has happened to me recently.”

McMahon created his Soundcloud profile last December and, since then, has acquired a following base of 313 of the app’s users. McMahon has also managed to gain the attention of thousands by amassing over 130,000 plays on his six released songs within the span of eleven months.

“I believe that Malachi can actually make it in the music industry because he has the mind set and the talent to do so, all he needs is one of his songs to go mainstream,” senior Pluria Marshall said.

Malidot6’s debut song titled “How I Rock” was released shortly after creating his Soundcloud profile but has been deleted off the app because the song didn’t fit his vibrant music style according to McMahon. Since then, he has released numerous songs including “Glistenin”, “What She Like”, “Smoothie”, “John Cena”, “Sheesh”, and “Pluug”. McMahon may possibly release another song named “Love Bird” in the near future as well.

“I think Malachi’s songs are so good because of his deep passion and dedication for music,” Mira Costa junior Cole Trejo said. “He also applies his talent and creativity to make his songs catchy and relevant.”

McMahon first found an interest for making music after downloading the digital audio workstation app GarageBand and since then, has continued to follow his passion, McMahon said. Inspired by his favorite rap artists, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert, McMahon tries to incorporate their similar style of music into his own.

“Just seeing what my inspirations have been able to accomplish and the type of following they’ve gained through creating music with their own style really inspires me to do the same,” McMahon said.

McMahon says he begins the process of making and producing his own music by creating beats on Garageband or looking for a beat on the internet that fits his music preference. McMahon then freestyle raps over the beat until he can create a catchy verse. He mixes his recordings along with the beat using music software.

“When making music I try to make things upbeat because that’s what comes easiest to me because I’m a pretty energetic person,” McMahon said. “I would say a lot of my energy does go into music and creating new songs to put out.”

According to McMahon, his future plan is to continue to make music and see how far it will take him. He also plans on possibly releasing a mixtape and and hopes to collaborate with other artists with a similar liking in his style of music.

“Sometimes it’s surreal to me how much growth I’ve had with making music because I haven’t been rapping for that long and at the end of the day it motivates me to do better,” McMahon said.

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