February 21, 2018

Students evacuate during third period due to fire alarm

Mira Costa students evacuate the quad due to a false fire alarm going off during 3rd period. There was a drill planned for tomorrow, but that has been canceled due to the event that occurred today.

Michael Todd

Online News Editor

Mira Costa High School students evacuated before the start of third period today because of a false fire alarm.

The fire alarm lasted for approximately 15 minutes and all students evacuated to their respective evacuation locations in accordance to the MCHS evacuation plan. During the evacuation, Costa administration made an announcement over the loudspeaker, notifying students and staff that the campus was not all clear, meaning the evacuation was not a drill.

“It was not a drill, but it was a false alarm,” Vice Principal Stephanie Hall said. “One of the sensors went off, which triggered the alarm, but when we went into the class that the sensor went off in, there was no fire.”

A fire drill was scheduled to take place tomorrow; however, it has since been canceled as a result of class time missed during today’s evacuation, Hall said. Confusion arose when the bell rang, because it took place before the class period started, and students were unsure of where to go, junior Jonas Wahlstedt said. The drill tomorrow was supposed to address evacuation procedures occurring not during class time, and to let students know which fields they should be on if an emergency does occur, according to Hall.

“The evacuation plan was unclear since we haven’t had any time to go over it,” Wahlsteadt said. “It was chaotic for a while until they finally gave an announcement.”

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